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Snow storm...


Here it is, the middle of April and we're getting snowed upon. Forecast is for 2-4 inches today and tonight. 

It kind of screws things up. We've sold our cow and the people want to come pick her up. It's totally clear at their house 17 miles south of us. Bev and Cindy were just in town to pick up the trailer, but decided not to, after they slipped and slid better than 10 miles while in 4WD.

This mornings chores were a treat. Our goats don't like rain or snow or wet feed. They were most unhappy, especially when I asked Posey to come up on the stanchion to get milked. I was willing to get wet while milking her, but she wanted no part of the snow on the stanchion floor,

 We ended up pinning her against the hay stack and letting the little lambs suck on her until they were satisfied. She'll be alright until tonight.

I planted the first planting of broccoli and all the cauliflower in the greenhouse into pots yesterday. At least we can keep that on schedule.

I'm falling behind with pen cleaning, berm building, and compost pile building. Around here, because of erosion, if  the wind is blowing more than about 7 mph, I don't run the tractor.

This is supposed to pass by tomorrow, and then temps will climb back into the 60's by Monday, and I can get back to work. Such is life on a high desert.

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