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Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!!! For a Little While Anyway!!!!

  Well, for the first 17 days of May, it has rained 11 of 'em!!!!  Boy, it sure is wet!!!  The field crops either died or were stunted so I plan to replant as soon as it dries up.  With the weatherman is calling for rain this weekend, who knows when it will dry up!!! 

  The container vegetables are doing pretty good but they didn't like all the rain either!  The tomatoes are inbetween golfball and tennisball size.  All the peppers are blooming and even have small peppers on them.  The lettuces are growing like weeds, the squash and zucchini have small fruits on them, and the eggplants are forming blooms!  I just transplanted four varieties of cucumbers into containers and still have several varieties of peppers to transplant.  If not for the containers, we would still be scratching our heads wondering what to do!!!!  Greg


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