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Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Wow, these couple of weeks have been crazy!!  But, this past Friday was Beef Pickup Day!  I have just tried out a new locker & went to pick up our Grass-Fed Ground Beef.  The new part is that I also had them make some of their AWARD WINNING Beef Sticks!  Remember, this is GRASS-FED, All Natural Yummy, Ebersole Beef!

These Beef Sticks are AMAZING!  Yum!  Just the perfect amount of fat.  Enough that it is Juicy, but not greasy in your mouth.  The spices are great too.  They have a great spicy flavor, but they are still mild enough that the kids are loving them.

They will make great snacks in the truck.  For those days that you are on-the-go and you need a protien punch, but don't want to go thru the Drive thru.  We will have the Sticks in our Local Harvest store very soon!  If you are interested in trying some of our Beef Sticks, just drop me an e-mail.

The Grass-Fed Ground  Beef also turned out great!!  Extra Lean and very flavorful!!  YUMMM!! I have "re-stocked" our Ground Beef Freezer & hope you take a look.

I will soon have more pictures of life on the ranch.  Just think Snow, Snow, & MORE SNOW!!!

Our new Website is also becoming more functional.   Check out EbersoleCattleCo.com

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