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Kelsey the Cow, She shows how well we REALLY take care of our cows!

Kelsey, (the red, horned cow pictured) is 17 years old this year.  That may not seem old to you.  But the average age of a cow is 6 years old.  Most cows are culled at or before age 8.  A 10 year old producing cow is amazing!

So, Kelsey being 17 is un heard of!  I will admit that this year Kelsey is open (not pregnant).  She has produced 13 calves.  Wow.   She has definately earned her keep.  Here at the Ebersole Cattle Co that means that she has earned her keep for the rest of her life.  She will get to live out her days "Happy as a Cow" on the pastures of our ranch.  She is in a special pen this year, so that she can get extra feed & be extra comfortable.  Her only job is to "train" the younger heifers to come to me when I call them, or shake a bucket.

Kelsey is also our "Lead Steer Cow" when we drive the cows to and from pasture.  She has been around so long that she knows where we are going.  She knows that when we get there, we will have fresh pasture or treats!  Kelsey will also hop in the trailer if you leave the trailer gate open.  She knows that a trailer ride means new feed, or a new bull, or going home for the winter.  It might also have a little grain in it.

Needless to say, Kelsey isn't our only old cow.  We have about 15 cows that are older than 10.  They all get a little extra hay in the winter, but they are all pretty fertile.  We only had one other old cow come up open.  She is also 17, but pretty Camera Shy.

If you want to know how well a cattlemen is doing, take a look at their cows, they will tell you!

Shanen - Momma to the Mama cows at the EbersoleCattleCo


ps, our new website is up and running (well walking, I'm adding new stuff each day!)



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:( photo didn't come thru
website link? I don't see it.
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the real life story!

Posted by Kim on January 13, 2010 at 06:45 AM CST #

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