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Back from FAIR!!!

WOW!! This summer has flown by!!  State Fair is over, and I'm ready for an Indian Summer (or a continuation of our cool summer).


Fair went well.  My little cowgirl showed her first calf at State Fair & did a great job!  She had Reserve Champion Winter Calf with her heifer.  Freedom (the heifer) did great and ate well the entire week.  I'm a nervous Mama and always worry excessively about my animals when we take them off the farm.  The Winter Bull we took (ULTIMATE 879U) was Champion Winter Bull.

So, it was a pretty good week!  We had fun at the fair too!


The kids & I rounded up our escape artist of a Red Beef Calf this morning and took him to the locker.  All went well, and he followed me right into the trailer without any stress. 

This is SO EXCITING!!!! Why, you may ask???

Well, this means that "I DID IT!"  I sold all of our SpringBorn Beef Calves!! And I have all of our Fall Born Calves pre-ordered!

This is AMAZING to me!!!  I knew that if I took care of our calves well, treated them with respect and love, that other people would know this and also want to enjoy our beef.  In the past we have only raised a couple of select beef calves for us and our family.

So, we are now planning next years beef herd.  We have been carefully selecting our beef calves and replacement heifers that we will keep for next year.  These animals are of the highest quality with the best mama cows.

If you want to reserve your beef for next year, now would be a great time!  You could even come to round up day, and enjoy a beautiful day out in the pasture moving the pairs to the hilltop and bringing them home to wean.

This is also a wonderful time of year because our fall cows are starting to calve.  We have to drive very carefully out in the pasture, so that we don't accidentally find a new calf in the tall grass.  It is so cute to see a little head peeking thru the tall grass while mama grazes nearby.

I hope you are all enjoying the summertime weather!

Shanen : )

Mama to the MamaCows at EbersoleCattleCompany

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Cold Weather and CHICKENS!!

Old man winter has arrived!  He blew in with a 45 degree temperature change on Sunday and Ice on Thursday.  Right now we have 2 inches of snow covered with 3/4 inch of ice and another 1/2 inch of snow.  Talk about SLICK!!  I skated to the barn this morning and found all the stock doing well (except 7-up).  I fed and watered and checked out 7-up. 

7-Up is our resident shetland pony.  He is a tiny one, about 36 inches high and has a sore leg.  We can't seem to locate the problem and are hoping it is a stone bruise from the cold rough ground.  With all that hair you can't tell if anything is swolen or hotter than it should be.

The calves are all eating and enjoying the weather.  The little ones have even figured out what a feed bunk is and that I'm there to fill it.  The heifers we have decided to keep are looking good.

My Lacey (my pet cow, good story to come) is doing well in the lot, and her calf is taming down really quickly.

Now, on to the CHICKENS!!  I am finally getting chickens!  I have wanted chickens (and their yummy eggs) since we planned out move in March!  A neighbor is picking them up this weekend.  They have just started laying eggs and I hope to keep them laying in the cold weather.  I have to start building an official chicken coop.  Until that is built, they'll stay in a dog kennel and doghouse inside the barn.  I hope I can let them loose after a day or two, and hope to teach the dogs that chickens are NOT toys to chase.

My  hope is that when the weather is warmer, the chickens will be free range and clean up after the calves and help cleaning the garden scraps.  I'll keep you posted in the chicken adventures.

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