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September/October Newsletter!

 And the most exciting news for September is....NEW PUPPY!  Ok, yes the lovely sheep of Kyle Farms are always exciting, and are looking and doing great by the way.

The newest addition to the working dog ranks at Kyle Farms is Kyle’s Dirt, aka Dirt.  She is a 12wk old, medium coated tri-color Border Collie pup.  She looks to be a very attentive pup, and hopefully will provide Pete with some well-deserved retirement in the next few years.

In other news, Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb will be having a booth at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races ( this fall, October 9th to be exact.  We will be located in the Farmer’s Market tent, and will be selling lamb shares as well as having a drawing for a Half Lamb Share.  We hope to have some lovely photos of our ewes and lambs out on the very pastures that the Races are held on as well.  We’d love to have you stop by and see us, while enjoying the fun and entertainment that is the Genesee Valley Hunt Races!

We are still selling shares for Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb, and anticipate processing the lambs the second week of November.  Orders can be placed through our website or by calling 585-568-7817. 

We are well into fall lambing now, with half of the ewes done lambing and the 2nd half just starting up.  The fall lambs seem to be doing very well, and I’m sure will be perfect for our Spring Lamb order!  The spring/summer born lambs are weaned and out on pasture by themselves and getting into all sorts of trouble.  I’m sure there are not too many people who haven’t driven down Nations Rd and noticed that the more ambitious of our spring lambs have learned how to jump the fence hurdles, and bounce in and out imitating the horses that ride through the pastures.  Luckily they generally know how to get back in and haven’t caused too much trouble.

Late Breaking News:  We’re now listed on the Livingston County Locally Made website, with a picture of our ewes and lambs as the main page picture.   Http://   Check it out!

Happy Fall!


October Newsletter from Kyle Farms

It’s Officially Fall at Kyle Farms!

This past weekend the Genesee Valley Hunt Club hosted their annual Hunt Races on Nations Rd.  Those who attended may have seen Kyle Farms ewes in a pasture adjacent to the racetracks.  We are very grateful to Megan for painting a sign to go in front of our ewes advertising Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb and our website

Lambing is still on going, and should be winding down as we get closer to November.  The next lambing group will be lambing in January and February, giving us time to transition the lambs out of the lambing/weaning barns and to allow the barns to rest and be completely cleaned between lambing periods.

We are very excited that Matt was invited to speak at the Cornell Sheep and Goat Symposium on October 24th.  He will be speaking on “How We Do Things at Kyle Farms,” giving attendees insight on our management practices and how one can run a profitable sheep farm (often believed to be an oxymoron).  This should be a very interesting talk, and the whole symposium looks to be fun, informative, and interactive.


And now for the topic everyone is waiting for: All Natural Lamb pick up date!

All lamb orders will be available for pick up on Saturday, November 14th in the morning (most likely 9-12).  I will be sending out order sheets for how you would like your lamb cut. 

We greatly appreciate your interest and support of Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb, and look forward to meeting all our customers on November 14th


Announcing Kyle Farms Lamb in the Local Harvest CSA Store

We are happy to announce that we now have our All Natural Lamb shares available through Local Harvest.  For anyone in Western NY, please take a look at our locally raised all natural lamb shares.   Unfortunately we can only offer our lamb for local pick up, but if you're within driving distance of Rush, NY we'd love to share our delicious lamb with you.  For anyone not in the Rochester area, we'd still love to talk about our lamb and our farm and farming practices.  

We are great believers in involving the community in our farm and almost all of our pastures are a part of the Genesee Valley Conservancy, and are managed for responsible grazing, community use, and nature conservation.


Please feel free to visit our Local Harvest site, our website ( and our Local Harvest store, or shoot us an e-mail at






I wanted to share a picture some of our gorgeous new fall lambs.  These lambs are in a jug (small pen) with their mother to help her keep track of them for the first 2 days of life.



Lambing Season Again

Well its officially the last day of summer, and our ewes have started lambing!

 About a third of the flock was officially bred to lamb this fall, however the ewes bred for late spring were run with clean up rams to catch any girls who didn't take.  This means more work for us, as there are multiple groups of ewes that may be getting ready to lamb, but it also means more lambs available for the winter holiday markets!

In the Genesee Valley the weather for our fall lambing season is so variable, that we bring our girls into barns to lamb, generally three weeks prior to them being due.  This means that every three weeks, all ewes that have the potential to be pregnant are sorted through our handling system and checked for udder development and other signs of late pregnancy.  They are then brought into the barns and fed ensiled summer hay supplemented with local grain for the ewes who may need some additional nutritional support.  However, after summer on our pastures, most of these ewes don't see any grain. 

Any ewes that aren't determined to be due within the next three weeks, are put back out on pasture and may be put in with the group that has the rams breeding for early spring lambs.  

This process will repeat itself until 2-3weeks after the last calculated lambing date, or until all ewes due to lamb have lambed, or are diagnosed as open.


With Fall Comes Lamb Shares!

Kyle Farms is..... 

Now taking orders for all natural fall finished lamb! Please visit for information on placing an order for all natural locally raised whole or half lamb. CSA subscriptions are available for purchase year around for Fall Lambs! 

Available in Whole ($300) or Half ($175) Shares! 

A Whole Share provides approx. 50-60lbs of freezer ready lamb 

A Half Share provides 25-30lbs of freezer ready lamb 

We believe that a healthy environment is essential for the growth and development of our all natural lamb. These lambs and their mothers are housed on grass with unlimited access to fresh, clean water to take advantage of the nutritious pastures of the Genesee Valley. Raising our lambs in open air on clean, dry pastures allows us to produce healthy lambs without the use of antibiotics or artificial hormones. This guarantees that there is no risk of antibiotic residues in the lamb you purchase from Kyle Farms. 

Thank You! 



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