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Rochester Public Market

Took our delicious lamb sausage to the Rochester Public Market yesterday and it was a huge success!


We sold out by 11am!  Thank you sooo much to everyone who stopped by our table yesterday and bought our delicious sausage!  

The everyone at the Rochester Public Market was great!  Very welcoming and kind (even the producer who showed up late and I'd been assigned his regular spot!) 

 A very nice woman from the Rochester Public Market stopped by and took pictures and notes for an article for their website, and we had lots of interest in our farm, our sausage, and also in potentially offering cuts of lamb.


I will be sure to let everyone know when we have more sausage available (hopefully in a couple weeks). 


Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb is Back!

Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb is Back for 2012!

After a hiatus in our local and individual lamb sales for 2011, we've decided to try a new style of lamb sales, and offer USDA inspected ground lamb for sale in 1lb increments!


Ground lamb is delicious as burgers, tacos, and chili for those cold winter days!  Also perfect for many greek style dishes!

We're also taking votes for the first sausage flavor we should offer for sale in February/March!

We will be offering pick up and cold weather shipping options starting in January!

Taking orders now for Kyle Farms All Natural Ground Lamb to be ready to go after Martin Luther King, Jr Day.


September/October Newsletter!

 And the most exciting news for September is....NEW PUPPY!  Ok, yes the lovely sheep of Kyle Farms are always exciting, and are looking and doing great by the way.

The newest addition to the working dog ranks at Kyle Farms is Kyle’s Dirt, aka Dirt.  She is a 12wk old, medium coated tri-color Border Collie pup.  She looks to be a very attentive pup, and hopefully will provide Pete with some well-deserved retirement in the next few years.

In other news, Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb will be having a booth at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races ( this fall, October 9th to be exact.  We will be located in the Farmer’s Market tent, and will be selling lamb shares as well as having a drawing for a Half Lamb Share.  We hope to have some lovely photos of our ewes and lambs out on the very pastures that the Races are held on as well.  We’d love to have you stop by and see us, while enjoying the fun and entertainment that is the Genesee Valley Hunt Races!

We are still selling shares for Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb, and anticipate processing the lambs the second week of November.  Orders can be placed through our website or by calling 585-568-7817. 

We are well into fall lambing now, with half of the ewes done lambing and the 2nd half just starting up.  The fall lambs seem to be doing very well, and I’m sure will be perfect for our Spring Lamb order!  The spring/summer born lambs are weaned and out on pasture by themselves and getting into all sorts of trouble.  I’m sure there are not too many people who haven’t driven down Nations Rd and noticed that the more ambitious of our spring lambs have learned how to jump the fence hurdles, and bounce in and out imitating the horses that ride through the pastures.  Luckily they generally know how to get back in and haven’t caused too much trouble.

Late Breaking News:  We’re now listed on the Livingston County Locally Made website, with a picture of our ewes and lambs as the main page picture.   Http://   Check it out!

Happy Fall!


Kyle Farms at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races!!!

Very Exciting!  Kyle Farms is going to have a table at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races next Saturday, Oct 9th.  


Come see us in the Farmers Market tent, and put your name in a drawing for a half share of our fall All Natural Lamb CSA.

 The races are held on the very pastures that our lambs are born and raised on!  In fact we just moved them off the racetrack pastures this weekend. 


Exciting News for Kyle Farms!!

Its been a very exciting and busy summer here at Kyle Farms.  

 We've been very lucky to have the opportunity to tear down an old barn on some property we've been renting and build a new, modern, "non-raining in the barn" lambing barn!  

Its been a lot of deconstructing, and site development all summer, but in the spirit of reduce, reuse, recycle, the majority of the timber from the old barn (a slightly reconstructed old pole free stall barn) was able to be sold to some Amish farmers in the area who will be putting all the old lumber to good use for their sheep barns.  :-)

 The new barn has been in construction for the past couple of weeks, and we hope to have sheep in it by next week!  We're all excited about these new developments, because the new barn will be used as a lambing barn for fall/winter lambing and lambing yearling ewes in the spring.  And just in time with ewes due to start lambing in a week!  

The ewes are looking great, and the first group is really bagging up.  The ewes on pasture with their spring lambs are still milking like champs, and the spring lambs are HUGE, with great muscling.  They're really a testament to our current ram flock, and really show that terminal white face rams can do just as good of a job as a black faced terminal ram.

 I'll have to get some pictures of the lambs out on pasture, and the new barn to put up online! 


Lamb Recipes Using Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb

A local chef purchased a half lamb share from us this spring and we're very excited because not only is she a personal chef in the area, but she has a food blog!  AND she's cooking with Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb and posting her recipes online!


Her website is


Also we're now taking orders for our fall lamb shares!  (the ewes are due to start lambing Aug 1st)  Http://


Escapee Lambs!

So I went driving yesterday on a grey Saturday, and went to see our lambs out on pasture with their mothers. We have two large pastures full of ewes and lambs right now, one side older lambs that have been processed (tail docked/castrated/ear notched) and one side baby lambs that haven't been handled yet.  Well as I may have mentioned before our pastures all have wooden hurdle jumps in the fence lines for access by the Genesee Valley Hunt Club.  Apparently our ewes have discovered the joy of bounding over the hurdles as well, and of course lambs are amazing escape artists themselves.  I managed to capture some pictures of a couple escapee lambs enjoying their freedom as I was driving around.  There is almost no purpose in trying to replace the lambs in the pastures as it ends up being a race up and down the fenceline, stressing the lambs as you go, only for them to bound right out again as soon as you leave. 



Caught red handed


Shearing Pictures!

The first set of shearing pictures have come through!


Unfortunately this first set doesn't have any of our new shearing shed, but reports from the shearers and wool handlers give it glowing reviews!  Supposedly made a huge difference in shearer comfort/ease of shearing and was much easier on the sheep then previous temporary shearing sheds.


So with out further ado, Shearing 2010 at Kyle Farms!






















Please excuse the quality as they've all been shrunk down prior to my receiving them.  


Our two shearers are Aaron Loux of Aaron's Shearing Service (gentleman in the green shirt in the background), and a fellow shearer Alfie, who came over from Wales to help Aaron with shearing season (gentleman in the foreground of the pictures).


Information on Aaron's Shearing Service can be found at 


Spring is a time for decisions!

Well theres no doubting its spring at Kyle Farms!


Lots of new things going on here:


All the early spring lambs have been weaned and the ewes are about ready to go back out to green grass.

Since theres a lull in lambing until mid-May, everyone has been working on building a shearing shed for shearing the flock.  In previous years we have set up shearing in a local farmer's barn with temporary raceways, or outside on pasture using our movable chute and corral system.  Both of these depend on a lot of outside factors (barn availability, and the weather!)

So this year, two old run in shed barns that happen to be perfectly situated on the corner of two big pastures with a good sized fenced barn yard attached are being turned into a shearing shed for 2-3 shearers to work in.  

Shearing is slated to begin sometime in the next week, as soon as the new shed is completed.  With ewes lambing throughout the year, and marketing groups of lambs different times throughout the year, we end up shearing many times throughout the year to decrease the stress on young or pregnant animals, or to keep lambs clean before turning out in the early spring/late fall when it gets a bit muddy or the burdock gets bad.  

This equals multiple shearers, depending on the time of year as many of our shearers tend to migrate to other parts of the country or world to meet the seasons.

We're happy to use two main shearers, Tom Horton from Pennsylvania,  and Aaron Loux from Massachusetts (

This year Aaron has a gentleman from Wales shearing with him, and they will be staying at Kyle Farms for the next month while shearing our flock and other flocks in Western NY.  

I'll keep you all updated with pictures of the new Shearing Shed and of the flock being shorn! 


About Me - The Webmaster

After a lovely article in the Democrat and Chronicle about local sources of food and CSA's listing Kyle Farms and our contact info, we've gotten may comments asking who in the world does the contact phone number belong to?

So introducing......your contact with Kyle Farms....ME! :-)

I am a veterinary student at Virginia Tech.  I've worked for Kyle Farms since 2008, starting out managing a group of purchased ewes, with a lambing period spread out over 4 months.  We've had a small word of mouth all natural lamb program for many years, but hadn't officially raised large groups of lambs for this program until the start of our website in September 2008.

I currently maintain our website, all marketing, and advertising of Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb.

I also spend most of my breaks up in NY, working with the sheep and doing odd jobs around the farm.


On to the pictures!

I recently spent my spring break on the farm, and while spring has not quite sprung (I did see bulbs peeking their heads up), its hard to pass up the chance to take pictures of lambs out on pasture.


And some baby lambs almost ready for Easter and green spring pastures!

 Some very curious ram lambs in the creep area with their friends.  We've been providing high quality hay in a separate creep area, to allow us to begin to dry the ewes off with some lower quality forages.


Poll: Lamb Sausage or Ground Lamb?

A poll for all the Local Harvest blog readers!  We're considering expanding our all natural lamb sales to local stores (starting with farm markets) and are trying to decide between marketing lamb sausage or ground lamb as our first retail product.  Our hope is not to supplant our all natural lamb CSA program but to offer a product that will encourage local consumers to try our lamb and increase interest in our whole and half lamb shares market.  


So my question to you'all as consumers, locavores, local harvest officianadoes, etc is:

If you saw a display of Local All Natural Lamb from a family farm at a local market, would you be more likely to buy Ground Lamb or Lamb Sausage ?  


I'd really appreciate any replies whether as comments or messages or e-mails, as I'd really like to make this work but polling the consumer is the first step. 





Cornell Sheep and Goat Symposium this Weekend

This coming Saturday, October 24th is the Cornell Sheep and Goat Symposium (and for those in PA the PA Sheep Symposium).  Matt will be speaking at the Cornell Sheep and Goat Symposium, on "How We Do Things at Kyle Farms"  

This should be a very interesting talk as he is very passionate about productive and profitable sheep farming.

Also at the Symposium will be lectures on economics, new developments in the industry and parasites (FAMACHA certification!).  There will be sheep to shawl demo and usually a slaughter demo as well.  More information can be found at 


October Newsletter from Kyle Farms

It’s Officially Fall at Kyle Farms!

This past weekend the Genesee Valley Hunt Club hosted their annual Hunt Races on Nations Rd.  Those who attended may have seen Kyle Farms ewes in a pasture adjacent to the racetracks.  We are very grateful to Megan for painting a sign to go in front of our ewes advertising Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb and our website

Lambing is still on going, and should be winding down as we get closer to November.  The next lambing group will be lambing in January and February, giving us time to transition the lambs out of the lambing/weaning barns and to allow the barns to rest and be completely cleaned between lambing periods.

We are very excited that Matt was invited to speak at the Cornell Sheep and Goat Symposium on October 24th.  He will be speaking on “How We Do Things at Kyle Farms,” giving attendees insight on our management practices and how one can run a profitable sheep farm (often believed to be an oxymoron).  This should be a very interesting talk, and the whole symposium looks to be fun, informative, and interactive.


And now for the topic everyone is waiting for: All Natural Lamb pick up date!

All lamb orders will be available for pick up on Saturday, November 14th in the morning (most likely 9-12).  I will be sending out order sheets for how you would like your lamb cut. 

We greatly appreciate your interest and support of Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb, and look forward to meeting all our customers on November 14th


Sheep Summer in Photos - Summer 09

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