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A Day in the Life of an All Natural Lamb
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Lamb Recipes Using Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb

A local chef purchased a half lamb share from us this spring and we're very excited because not only is she a personal chef in the area, but she has a food blog!  AND she's cooking with Kyle Farms All Natural Lamb and posting her recipes online!


Her website is


Also we're now taking orders for our fall lamb shares!  (the ewes are due to start lambing Aug 1st)  Http://


Poll: Lamb Sausage or Ground Lamb?

A poll for all the Local Harvest blog readers!  We're considering expanding our all natural lamb sales to local stores (starting with farm markets) and are trying to decide between marketing lamb sausage or ground lamb as our first retail product.  Our hope is not to supplant our all natural lamb CSA program but to offer a product that will encourage local consumers to try our lamb and increase interest in our whole and half lamb shares market.  


So my question to you'all as consumers, locavores, local harvest officianadoes, etc is:

If you saw a display of Local All Natural Lamb from a family farm at a local market, would you be more likely to buy Ground Lamb or Lamb Sausage ?  


I'd really appreciate any replies whether as comments or messages or e-mails, as I'd really like to make this work but polling the consumer is the first step. 





Last Chance for Fall Lamb Orders

This week will be the last week to order a whole or half share of Kyle Farms all natural lamb.  We will be processing our lambs for November 14th, and need to make sure that we will have enough all naturally raised lambs to fill our orders.  The lambs are growing really well and coming along quite nicely.

Their mother's out on one of our larger pastures are demonstrating how good they are at finding fence defects for us.  One side of the pasture is bordered by a stream and the ewes find ways under the fence alongside the stream and wander into which ever other pasture they feel like.  Many afternoons/evenings recently have involved phone calls about seeing ewes in pastures that should have been empty and going and moving them back.  They're quite aware of where they should be and as soon as the dog shows up collecting them into a group they head back through whatever hole they found (a new one every time of course).  In a few of the attached pastures its easier to just pretend its one large pasture because they'll go back and forth through the day and by the time you get there to move them, they've moved themselves back to the correct spot.

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