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a natural farm with produce, angora and mohair, and tender eggs from gigglin' chickens
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back in the saddle again........

greetings to all from angeltree farms in north texas.  our weather here has been fritzy, but today was a beautiful spring day.  spent most of the day in town receiving chemo, which is going quite well, yes, please keep those prayers coming .....they do help.

so when we did arrive home we just had time to do a few chores and i cant say that any of them really will be moving us forward int he farming area.....well, now wait a minute we moved the angora bunnies to a new set up on the order of a "chicken tractor" that will be delivering those rabbit pellets right where we want them and hopefully will eliminate any of the job that the dh really didnt care to much for.

otherwise the only other farm related work was to set up this blog and post my first entry.

hope you will check us out, come back and visit and please share any input you think we might need.

we raise a "little" bit of this and that but we have a small flock of free range chickens which deliver us wonderful eggs.....well our motto with the chicken eggs is "Tender Eggs from gigglin' chickens"   i think they are gigglin at me and the dh and our attempts at farming!!!!!!

see ya round the barn.

frannie and country


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