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Spring is coming?

Last week, mother nature teased us.  We had 62 degree days.  Sun was shining on the field.  Can we plant?  No, not in Wisconsin.   Today it's 30 degrees with wind chill that dips into the single digits.  All of the snow has melted causing the Rock River to go up to flood stage again.  Cabin fever is deep in my soul.  Just give us a few days of warm weather again, please!  It could snow again, I hope not.  Our seeds are sitting in a box waiting for the same warmth I am.  This week they will sing as they reach dirt, but the dirt is not outside, it will be in our inside warming station.  The little green heads will poke out afraid of the wind and the cold.  It will take a few weeks, but it will happen.  Gee, it seems like we're in the same spot the seeds are.   We are all not poking our heads out until we're sure we'll survive in the weather.  

Soon - I know it will be soon.


Time to Plant the Garlic!

Garlic, so much Garlic and so little time!   Last year we planted 48,000 cloves of garlic in 7 varietes.  We're scaling back this year and planting only our biggest and favorite varieties.  Trying new methods of mulching like leaves instead of straw.  Beautiful large Music from Canada, flavorful German Brown, bright Montana Roja and more.   The winter is a good time for us to reflect and plan.  We welcome the hibernation. 

We will be expanding our ground cherry crop in 2009.  The demand has risen for this beautiful berry.  The shelf life is outstanding.  The heritage of this berry is so very fascinating. 

No snow yet!

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