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Westminster Farmer's Market Report for 06-12-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

 Massachusetts Local Food Update (www.MassFoodCoop.org): Delivery day worked out well last Friday.  Producers are working on updating products now and we are hoping to have a few new producers for next month, especially eggs and milk.  Orders open again on June 23rd for the next delivery day which will be July 10th.  Last week we had about 11 vendors at the market with loads of products including our June staples of asparagus and rhubarb and vegetable plants and perennials.  This week, although the weather is threatening AGAIN, the day should clear and we are hoping to have good attendance so our existing producers still want to set up.  This week, we are expecting beef, pork, eggs, rhubarb pie, rhubarb crisp, salad greens, herbs, breads (you may want to try Ann Patsis’s Olive Onion Loaf, it is delicious with cream cheese!), asparagus, rhubarb, jam, Smith’s country cheese…



 In addition we expect perennials, soaps and locations, hand creams, incense, hand painted tin pieces including Mailboxes and antique reproductions, ornaments, quilted items, tote bags, jewelry… Here is a great rhubarb recipe that will only take you 15 minutes to prepare.  Remember to use the freshest ingredients obtained from our farmers’ market.  You will need pork chops, rosemary and rhubarb.  I will be trying this myself this week.  Who needs to wait until apple season to have perfectly seasoned pork?  We have rhubarb now!  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Rhubarb-Pork-Chop-Bake/Detail.aspx This is a five star rated recipe (a difficult rating to get) and that is good enough for me.  We, at Maple Heights Farm, have hamburg, eye of the round roast, and brisket this week.  We also have pork loin chops and three types of sausage.  The sausage is much leaner than what you are used to, so you will have to skip the part of your recipe where it says, “drain excess fat”.  There is usually just enough to sauté your onions after you brown the meat.  You can go to www.mapleHeightsFarm.com to check out our prices. And now is the time to plan ahead for Father’s Day.  We are completely restocked on pork and will be completely restocked on beef as of next Friday.  Your husbands and Dads want meat for Father’s Day.  We can put together a nice package for you that will meet all their barbeque needs.  And don’t forget to try a brisket.  They are really easy to corn (I can give you the recipe) and after that you can make a nice pastrami by smoking the corned beef.  Andy is going to try to do this for next week so you can sample it.  It’s fun and you are not using your smoker enough anyways – so try it!  You can do it. Thank you to all who are participating in our trash reuse program.  The egg cartons and nursery pots have been a big help to several vendors.  Here are more items that we need:  garden center pots, seed six packs, egg cartons, small/medium glass jars, coffee grounds, empty 50 lb brown paper sacks such as flour sacks or grain bags, unwanted coolers in good condition.  Sydney will have peonies this week and they are beautiful.  She is selling them for .25 per stem so put together a beautiful bouquet for your nightstand.  This will surely help Sydney’s brownie habit which seems to be getting more expensive every week.  Knowing Sydney, she will use all the proceeds to scour the market for various cookies and confections…  That’s our Sydney! Please consider becoming a vendor.  What are you going to do with your extra zucchini anyway?  Selling it helps the farmers market – and you can put your proceeds towards those cool tomato supports and pea supports that you have been wanting for so long!  You can obtain an application online at www.westminster-ma.org/farmersMarket_APP.htm.  The fee is $2.00 for a table each week. 







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