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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 08-27-2010

 Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm


Prepare your Larder for Thanksgiving…






Watch facebook on Friday as vendors will keep you informed of what they will be bringing to the market this week! Don't forget to go in and "like" the page so you will get updates.




Come to the market for all the vegetables you need for the entire week (plus a vegetable or two to store for Thanksgiving). In addition you can plan a farmers’ market gourmet meal or two using some of our farm fresh cheeses, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, local artisan breads and more. Do I even need to say anything about eggs this week? For local, healthy, farm fresh eggs, you may want to arrive early!




Pick Your Local Favorites…


The Community Journal and Leominster Champion are, once again, running the “Best of North Central Massachusetts” contest and this year, they have not forgotten Farmers’ Markets. This is a great opportunity to support our local business as well as the farmers’ market. Get creative in your choices!!! I know that our market is the best around and it will be even better with the added publicity that this contest can bring to us, so don’t forget to vote! I cannot yet find the online form to enter, but you can use the page in your newspaper, just make sure you have at least TEN choices or your vote won’t count. And I encourage you to think outside the farmers’ market box. We all know that Honeybee Baking Company and Crum’s are the best bakeries in the area, so consider giving them a “Best Bakery” vote! Personally, M.L.’s Greenery in Motion has my vote for “Best Nursery” and I have to say, Andy will get my vote for “Best Steak” – just because I have a bias does not mean it isn’t true! And I sure wish there was a place to put Best Donuts, because I know what my vote would be there! 




Time to Start Thinking About Thanksgiving…


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Mostly for its simplicity: great food shared with family and friends while spending a bit of time reflecting on how thankful we are for what we have! It doesn’t get any better than that. We try to serve only the best local foods. We grow our own turkey (which I’m not sure we will actually be able to do this year), stuff it with our own sausage and wild mushrooms, make fresh, homemade gravy, pick local cranberries and make our own jellied sauce, make butter and bread and serve up all the vegetables and fixings. As for the vegetables, now is the time to start thinking about obtaining the best for your feast. Long-day corn (which is a better quality than short-day) is available and the prices have come down from the weeks after Fourth of July. Beans are at their best and are abundant in the market. It is time to find the best corn and beans you can and buy some extra. I look for varieties that are interesting for the table. Corn is easy. The fresh flavor of farmers’ market corn served in November is like nothing you will find in the grocery store (not even if you find it on the cob). For beans, I look for a variety of colors and flavors just to make the dish more interesting and fun. You have a few weeks to do this as some of these foods may be disappearing from the market over the next month as growers sometimes don’t plan to have these vegetables through October when we expect our first frost. As for the potatoes, onions, winter squash, and other cold weather vegetables, you can find plenty of these to store later in September…




Entertainment this week…


Westminster Farmers’ Market welcomes Snakes in the Grass (playing from 3:00 until 5:00) a new band from Westminster/Ashburnham/Fitchburg.  Also, we welcome another great performance by Gail Craig from 5:00 until 7:00!


(Donations are welcome for all our performers).




Visit our Westminster Farmers’ Market website…


The Westminster Farmers’ Market website is being updated with vendors for the 2010 season. Visit for ideas on how you can help the farmers’ market, participate as a vendor, or get information on our schedule for the season. Visit us at www.WestminsterFarmersMarket.com. 




Kerrie Hertel 


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