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Cost of Living Index


  Central Massachusetts usually has the lowest energy and food expenses in the state, but this is surprising.

 This article, from The North Central Massachusetts Economic Development Council, confirms what I have long believed; that an area that has small and medium sized independent small businesses, will benefit from lower consumer prices.

  Central Massachusetts and Worcester County have been strong holds of "mom and pop" businesses. Competition is a benefit of a capitalist economy. Everyone benefits from healthy competition. Businesses have to keep on their toes and provide better service at a lower cost than the shop down the road. The consumer is the big winner.

  Just another good reason to buy local.


See You in The Sunday Paper and on TV too!

 Thank you to Emily Devlin of The Sentinel for writing a very nice piece on The Westminster Farmer's Market. This should really help in the promotion of our market. It's grown so much already this year!

 Here is a quote from Emily and the link to the article:

"In its second year of operation, the Farmers Market has tripled in size, growing from just five or six vendors during its first season in 2008, to at least 24 each week this year."


 Keith Harding of the local cable access TV station, channel 8, was in attendance at the market on Friday. He was there with a camera person doing interviews with venders and consumers for most of the afternoon. He even got footage of an impromptu step dance done by a little girl. This girl danced as Sue Nickerson played fiddle and her husband Steve, accompanied on guitar. Next week the girl's mother will be bringing the whole group of step dancers to perform at 5PM.

 Westminster Farmer's Market; "Be there or be square."

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