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Final and Complete Parade Coverage


  I promise, this is my final post on the Parade for the 250th Anniversary  of The Town of Westminster (Massachusetts).

  Jen Shenk of The Community Vine, has 200 photos in three slide shows.

  The Community Journal has a couple of videos here.

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The Parade Photos are Here this Time, Trust Me.

Please check out the pics of our Agricultural Commission's participation in the Westminster Massachusetts 250th Anniversary Parade.

  It took hours to edit these. I would really appreciate it if you clicked on "more" below.

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More Pics

More pictures from the 250th Anniversary Parade. Click on more below.  [Read More]

Photographs of The 250th Anniversary Parade

  Here are some photos of the Westminster AgCom's fleet in the Westminster Massachusetts 250th Anniversary Parade.

  Thanks to Jessica Leger for providing us with her pics.

  All in all it was a great day. The thunder showers never showed up, and the rain was just a slight drizzle. More than one of our group said it was the best time they ever had. I told them we would do it all again next week -- not!


Parade Reports

Report of the Westminster 250th Parade from the Worcester Telegram


Report from the Fitchburg Sentinel is here:


 I will post photos of the Westminster AgCom floats and tractor fleet later.


Don't Rain on Our Parade-Please

  Today is the big parade celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Westminster Massachusetts. The parade has three divisions, with over one hundred groups participating. Our Agricultural Commission has three floats, seven tractors (with implements), and a half dozen marchers.

  The first float is The Mass Local Food Coop. Their theme is "from our farms to your fork". It is a dollhouse sized barn with farm animals and equipment. This scene is decorated with plants and trees. It is on my 1950 Chevy one ton platform dump truck. This truck was purchased new by my grandfather Hjalmer Johnson in 1950. It was used for years on our farm, hauling shavings, live poultry, eggs, and manure (not all at the same time). This will be the third anniversary parade this truck has been in. A youth group staged a sock hop on it in 1959, for The Town's 200th Anniversary Parade. My farm  (Johnson & Sons Poultry Farm, Inc.)  used it as our float in 1984, for the 225th Anniversary Parade.

  The next float is our farmers' market reenactment. Marsha Foster and Cathy Magane will be riding this float that is a mock up of our Westminster Farmers' Market. It is full of colorful produce; white and brown eggs, pumpkins, gourds, red potatoes, corn shocks, butternut squash, summer squash, acorn squash, zucchini, etc. all displayed on bales of hay and a table under a market umbrella.

  The last float has some of our most frequent market performers. Sue Nickerson will be playing her fiddle, accompanied by her husband Steve, on Guitar. As the music plays, Lauren Denen will be step dancing.

  The tractors will be between floats. The walkers will be carrying a banner out front; "Westminster Agricultural Commission". Other walkers will be handing out fliers for the pumpkinfest, with Mass Local Food Coop and a free raffle ticket ( for food baskets) on the reverse side.

  As you can see we have all put a lot of time and effort into this event. The weather was near perfect yesterday when we assembled the floats. All the floats were either parked under cover or covered with tarps. It is raining now as I write this.

  The weather forecast calls for 100% chance of rain, up to 3/4" total rainfall today. Possible thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon between 2 PM and 5PM. The parade starts at 1PM. We are the 15th group in the 3rd division. By the time we march it will probably be near 3:00.

  Please say a prayer that the weather is not too severe for the marchers or spectators.



Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 09-25-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report
from Maple Heights Farm
Updated: Thursday, September 24, 2009 10:34 AM
September 24, 2009
Parades, Music, Fun, Food, and a Great Raffle!
Plan to spend a bit of extra time at the market this week as you will want to listen to Bart Sides and his band, Dr. B and the Homemade Band.  They will play from 5:00 until 7:00 and you are going to love them.  So, stop by and enjoy the afternoon, grab a cup of coffee, linger with your friends and neighbors (or start your Christmas shopping – ideas to follow).  Please remember that tips are always appreciated for all our performers.
Our 250th Anniversary Parade is this Sunday at 1:00.  Our Agricultural Commission is representing the farmers’ market with a fleet in the parade with the theme, “Growing the Westminster Farmers’ Market”.  That is not a mistake, fleet, not float!  There will be three floats and seven tractors and farm equipment!  And if that is not enough fun, we will be distributing free raffle tickets with a chance at a farmers’ market food baskets and items worth more than $200!  (Note that the actual ticket incorrectly states $50)  So make sure you ask for a raffle ticket when you see the floats go by.  We will put a drop-off box at the farmers’ market where you can leave your entry!  The drawing will be on October 9th
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Growing The Westminster Farmers' Market

Westminster Farmers’ Market Happenings!

 This week at the farmers’ market: enjoy the musical talent of Dr. B and the Homemade Band.  Bart Sides and his band will be playing from 5:00 until 7:00 at the gazebo.  Aurelia Carter will be spending some time throughout the day juggling, and performing on a unicycle!  Stop by for some food, fun and top notch entertainment.  Tips and gratuities are greatly appreciated for our performers!

 Watch for us in Westminster’s 250th anniversary parade where the Agricultural Commission theme is “Growing Westminster’s Farmers’ Market”.  Make sure you get a hand-out as the parade passes.  It contains an entry for a free raffle ticket for a farmers’ market basket filled with farm fresh products!  Minimum $50 value!  Participants must hand in their raffle ticket at the farmers’ market.  The drawing to be held at the market on Friday, October 9th.


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I Love a Parade

  On September 27, 2009, 1 PM The Town of Westminster will be holding it's 250th Anniversary Parade. The Westminster AgCom is planning on having two floats and a half dozen tractors with implements in the parade.

  We plan on having a reenactment of our farmers' market on one of the floats, complete with vendors, pavilion tents, produce, flowers, and maybe customers. 

  There is going to be a lot of effort going into this the next couple of weeks. We have a great core of people both in The AgCom and our volunteer "Friends of Agriculture."  We still have a need for more volunteers; handing out flyers for the Pumpkin Fest, marching with banners, contructing/decorating floats.

   I'll keep you posted as we proceed with our plans.

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