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“A Real Feel for Buying Local"

    Our Market Manager, Al Magane, showed me this article in Telegram Towns on The Westminster Farmers' Market. Telegram Towns is a weekly publication of "The Worcester Telegram". The photographer was at the market a month ago. The reporter came a couple of weeks ago. I had given up looking for it in the paper. They did a very nice job of descrbing our market.

  Thank you Sandy Quadros Bowles and Mark C. Ide.!


"Bunny brerakfast"


  Last week one of our local parent-teacher organizations, PTO ran their annual "bunny breakfast", in the cafeteria of the middle school. At the same time in the lobby and mezzanine The Young Children's Festival  (sort of a mini trade show for kids) was set up.

 My wife, Debbie and I, along with Anne Patsis set up a table at The Young Children's Festival. We were representing The Westminster Farmers' Market, Mass Local Food, and The Westminster AgComm.

 The festival was well attended by young families. They showed a lot of interest in locally grown food and asked good questions.

  In the first hour we gave away 100 helium filled balloons monogrammed with “I love eggs". When we ran out of monogrammed balloons, Debbie went out and picked up some generic balloons and we gave away another 30 balloons before the helium ran out. We also gave away "I love Eggs" stickers, children’s activity books, and "Kids in the Kitchen" recipes from The American Egg Board. We had information sheets on The Westminster Farmers' Market and Mass Local Food. Sheryl Vaillette provided us with a sign up sheet for people to receive the MLF newsletter.

  There were a lot of comments that people can't wait for The Westminster Farmers' Market to open. (Neither can we.)

  This function was well worth attending. We got a lot of information out to the local community, and had a good time doing it. We look forward to attending The Young Children's Festival again next year.

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