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Westminater Farmers' Market Report for 05-21-2010

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

Too Busy To Cook?

The Westminster Farmers’ Market is now open for the season! We not only have all the vendors that you remember from last year, but we also have some new vendors that you will want to meet! You can find an incredible assortment of plants for your garden (vegetables and ornamentals) as well as overflowing baskets of greens that you can pick and eat when you get home. You cannot get any fresher than that! Don’t forget that it is rhubarb season and you DO NOT want to miss this fresh, local treat. Asparagus is also available, along with beautiful bouquets of fragrant lilacs! Come early because some of these products run out early.

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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 10-30-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm


Farm Fresh Food for the Holidays and Beyond!


This week is the last regular season farmers’ market for 2009, but don’t worry, I have the answer to your fresh food needs for the Holiday season and beyond!  Our market is looking for an indoor location for a pre-Thanksgiving (November 20th) and a pre-Christmas (December 11th)  market.  And Mass Local Food will be open all year, providing delivery once per month (next delivery November 6th – check the website for the soon-to-be-determined Westminster delivery Location – or Berlin or Sterling for that matter).


Massachusetts Local Food…


Orders are closing for Massachusetts Local Food on Monday so don’t forget to place your order.  Membership fees are refundable through the end of this year if you decide this program is not for you, so you can try it risk free!  All products are locally produced and offered directly from the producer – just like at the farmers’ market.  We are adding more eggs this month and we hope to have pastured veal and organic yogurt online soon.  Go online and read about each producer and consider your food needs for the winter.  Orders close on Monday and Delivery day is Friday November 6th -- after our farmers market has closed for the season.


What’s in the market


Even this late in the season there is plenty of food available in the market.  If you have spent the past six months eating one (at least) local meal a week, this is your last Westminster Farmers’ Market local meal in a while.  If you haven’t taken the challenge of one local meal a week, might I propose one local meal a season?  And it is not too late for that.  Of course there are still   [Read More]

Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 10-02-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm


Farmers’ Market Value?  You Bet!




This week for your entertainment we bring you the award winning, father daughter team of Ron and Megan McGuire!  We are thrilled to have them and they will be playing and singing from until !  So, stop by and enjoy the afternoon, grab a cup of coffee, linger with your friends and neighbors and shop, shop, shop for Christmas!  Please remember that tips are always appreciated for all our performers.




The delivery day for Mass Local Food is this Friday and this is going to be THE place to get your farmers’ market fresh food this winter.  Mass Local Food runs like an online farmers’ market which uses preordering and monthly deliveries to Westminster, Berlin and Sterling.  If we can get volunteers, we will set up deliveries wherever you want them!  Currently listed on the website, you can order from over 450 products including beefalo, pork, beef, jams and preserved fruits, breads, pies and pastries, award winning cheeses, eggs, cereal, garlic, squash, herbs for your winter windowsill, honey, soaps, coffee, tea, pesto and many handmade products.  Many of our producers can be found right in our local farmers’ markets.  There is a $25.00 fee for a temporary membership (refundable if you don’t like the co-op) and a 5% order fee.  This cooperative is run by volunteer effort and all money received is put back into the coop by purchasing software and supplies.




The parade went off without a hitch, if you don’t count the weather!  It was loads of fun and if you didn’t get a free raffle ticket handed out as the Agricultural Commission fleet passed, stop by the water cooler at the farmers’ market and fill one out (or drop off the one you got at the parade).  This raffle will be held on October 9th and we will be raffling over $200 in farmers’ market items.  You don’t want to miss this one

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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 09-25-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report
from Maple Heights Farm
Updated: Thursday, September 24, 2009 10:34 AM
September 24, 2009
Parades, Music, Fun, Food, and a Great Raffle!
Plan to spend a bit of extra time at the market this week as you will want to listen to Bart Sides and his band, Dr. B and the Homemade Band.  They will play from 5:00 until 7:00 and you are going to love them.  So, stop by and enjoy the afternoon, grab a cup of coffee, linger with your friends and neighbors (or start your Christmas shopping – ideas to follow).  Please remember that tips are always appreciated for all our performers.
Our 250th Anniversary Parade is this Sunday at 1:00.  Our Agricultural Commission is representing the farmers’ market with a fleet in the parade with the theme, “Growing the Westminster Farmers’ Market”.  That is not a mistake, fleet, not float!  There will be three floats and seven tractors and farm equipment!  And if that is not enough fun, we will be distributing free raffle tickets with a chance at a farmers’ market food baskets and items worth more than $200!  (Note that the actual ticket incorrectly states $50)  So make sure you ask for a raffle ticket when you see the floats go by.  We will put a drop-off box at the farmers’ market where you can leave your entry!  The drawing will be on October 9th
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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 09-18-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm


Rain does not dampen the spirits of our local eaters!



Although we had rain, we had plenty of vendors and customers last week!  We are looking forward to better weather tomorrow though!  Meghan was unable to make her donuts last week and there was a minor outcry over it.  She will make a double batch for tomorrow!  So stop by Meghan’s “Meetinghouse Café” and try one! 



We should start to see plenty of late summer and fall vegetables and fruits at the market.  Pumpkins, peaches, apples, winter squash…  Have you ever served peach cobbler for dinner?  It’s practically a pancake and fruit but really delicious!  How about pumpkin soup made with a real pumpkin?  Just cut the pumpkin in half and roast it in your oven.  Then substitute for the canned pumpkin in your recipes.  Easy, nutritious and delicious.



As some of you know I have

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Westminster Farmer's Market Report for 07-24-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

 Again!  Another busy week at the market.  I’ll try to take some pictures for next week for those of you who cannot make it.  We have incredible variety and about 20 vendors.  There is so much food available now that your only difficulty will be deciding what you want to buy for dinner!  Come, spend some time, browse, sit down and enjoy a donut and ginger iced tea while chatting with a friend!

  The cornucopia of food is overflowing with Beef, Pork, Cheese, Eggs, Bread, Maple Syrup and an incredible variety of vegetables and berries with everything ranging from broccoli to zucchini, blueberries to raspberries!  Really!  You have to come and browse and take it all in!  In addition to vegetables, there are still plenty of herbs including basil, mint (mint lemonade recipe) and rosemary for your recipes and vegetable plants for your garden – have you planted eggplant and cucumbers yet?  It’s not too late!  And these are further along the plants I have in my own garden!  I purchased the nicest rosemary plant that I have ever owned and it will be very useful when I have fresh chicken to eat in September!

 If you are not buying your lettuce at the market, you may want to read this about the latest recall!  The most interesting news that is reported in this article is that this lettuce has a shelf life of 14 to 16 days!  Who Knew!  That is really old!  Another reason to buy fresh at our market!


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Wedtminster Farmer's Market Report for 06-18-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

 I KNOW they are predicting showers for Friday, but that has been the prediction every Friday for the past 6 weeks – and we have not had rain during the farmers’ market yet!  So don’t be put off by the forecast!

 Music this week by the talented Heidi-Jo Hanson!  So don’t forget to lend an ear to our boom-box and listen to this local talent! 

 DON”T FORGET Father’s Day!  He will love a gift package of beef and pork for summer grilling!  For dinner, get a delicious steak and some sausage and try the meringue recipe below for dessert!  Add some cut flowers too – this is the time of year you should have a nice fresh arrangement on your nightstand or in your bathroom.  Peonies (which are far more beautiful and longer lasting than roses) are .25 per stem and you can put together a beautiful bouquet by visiting several vendors that also have cut flowers.




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Westminster Farmer's Market Report for 06-12-09

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

 Massachusetts Local Food Update (www.MassFoodCoop.org): Delivery day worked out well last Friday.  Producers are working on updating products now and we are hoping to have a few new producers for next month, especially eggs and milk.  Orders open again on June 23rd for the next delivery day which will be July 10th.

 Last week we had about 11 vendors at the market with loads of products including our June staples of asparagus and rhubarb and vegetable plants and perennials.  This week, although the weather is threatening AGAIN, the day should clear and we are hoping to have good attendance so our existing producers still want to set up. 

 This week, we are expecting beef, pork, eggs, rhubarb pie, rhubarb crisp, salad greens, herbs, breads (you may want to try Ann Patsis’s Olive Onion Loaf, it is delicious with cream cheese!), asparagus, rhubarb, jam, Smith’s country cheese…

 In addition we expect perennials, soaps and locations, hand creams, incense, hand painted tin pieces including Mailboxes and antique reproductions, ornaments, quilted items, tote bags, jewelry…



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