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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 07-09-2010

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

More Ketchup Trials Give Me Better BBQ Sauce and Simple Catalina Dressing


Vegetables, Goat Cheese, Cheddars and Goudas, Beef, Pork, Artisan Breads (including Gluten-Free), free-range eggs, herbs, crafts and everything you could hope to find at a farmers’ market.  We are in full swing and the market is as busy as it ever gets.  Stop by for an iced coffee and a donut as you wander through the booths.  Talk to our local farmers about their production methods.  Watch the children run and play and blow bubbles (or bring your own to do the same).  Take in a puppet show or a blacksmithing demonstration.  I don’t think there is a better, or less expensive way to entertain yourself on a Friday afternoon!


Entertainment this week at Westminster Farmers' Market…
Entertainment by Gayle Craig who is a singer/songwriter from Ashburnham. She is also a member a Westboro based band called Fine by Friday! We also welcome the musical talent of Kevin Jones!

Stop by for another delightful puppet show at 6:00 from Button Box Theatre!

And don't forget to visit Robert Phillips for another informative blacksmithing demonstration.


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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 03-26-10

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

Don’t Miss This Incredible Opportunity to Vote for Healthy Food!

Mass Local food orders are now open and they will be closing on March 29th. The next delivery day is April 2nd with pickups in Westminster, Holden, Sterling and Berlin.

Voting by Choice, Your Vote Counts at the Grocery Store…

So, most of us want better food. Better quality, better taste, better nutrition. It all seems like David and Goliath sometimes as we are just one person, one family, one community and cannot be heard, right? While this true at some level and can be very overwhelming, it is not exactly the whole story. The rest of the story is this: food producers produce what you will buy. That’s it. If you won’t buy it, they won’t produce it. You can make a statement every time you shop. We saw this very clearly when Monsanto stopped producing rBGH (genetically modified growth hormone) because you voted for milk from cows that didn’t receive it (note that another company still produces it, but many dairies have stopped using it). Sure, it took a while, but look how far we have come!

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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 03-12-10

Westminster Farmers’ Market Report from Maple Heights Farm

Take up your Forks! You Can Now Begin Eating Seasonally in the Wachusett Region!

Seasonal Maple Syrup: Your Vote Counts! Vote for Local!

Our maple syrup producers are in full production! Look around you: taps are set everywhere, blue tubing running from tree to tree, metal pails hanging on the sides of trees; on my street alone (West Princeton) we have three syrup operations! Driving a bit further on Worcester Road, I see another! Forget those robins; this is really our first sign of spring! So vote local by committing to our own Wachusett Region Maple Syrup! Visit www.WachusettLocal.com where I will attempt to keep an updated list of local food producers. There, you will find the Maple producers that I know about in this area.

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