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Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 06-22-12

Summer Vegetables at the Westminster Farmers’ Market

One Local!  Local food is healthy food.

One Local meal each week.  Be creative and have fun with it: breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Simple summer fare is as good as it gets.  Strawberry Shortcake for dinner on a hot night.  Steaks for the Grill or roasted chicken for sandwiches.  Salad with cucumber and asparagus topped with blue cheese.  Pesto from freshly picked basil.  Omelettes with garlic scapes and spinach.  What is your choice??  This is an easy way to add a healthy meal to your week.  Local food is healthy food.

Westminster Farmers’ Market has it all.  Fresh vegetables and fruits available now: strawberries, cucumbers, garlic, celery, black beans, basil, beets, zucchini, scallions, radish, gourmet salad greens, asparagus, rhubarb and more.

Regional gourmet specialty foods include farm-fresh eggs, locally raised grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured, free-range chicken, award-winning goat and cow cheeses, a wide variety of artisan breads, jams and jellies, spice mixes, delicious desserts and pastries, pies, cupacakes and cookies.

Events this week:

The musical talent of Keith McLinden and Gayle Craig. 

Blacksmith demonstration from 5:00 until close.

The market is open from 3:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Fridays.  WIC and Senior Coupons are accepted.

For more information visit www.WestminsterFarmersMarket.com or find us on facebook.



Westminster Farmers' Market Report for 05-11-12

              Local Food Has Arrived at the Westminster Farmers’ Market




Warmer days have arrived and the rhubarb and asparagus is overflowing at gardens and farms everywhere in the Wachusett Region -- and the Westminster Farmers’ Market has plenty of it to offer. 


Rhubarb is now abundant at the market and offers the first taste of spring for anyone that wants to take an extra 15 minutes to prepare a tasty recipe!  Providing a good source of calcium, Vitamin K and Vitamin C, potassium and manganese, rhubarb is a local plant that offers numerous health benefits.  It is flavorful and tart and useful in many recipes including rhubarb crisp (add a bit of ginger for extra flavor and health benefits) and makes a lovely sauce for pork when cooked with onions and herbs!  Rhubarb juice is easy to make (about as easy as making tea without a tea bag!) and is a delicious alternative to soft drinks.  If you wish to try your hand at home canning, rhubarb is an easy vegetable for a first attempt, whether you select a simple sauce recipe or put aside some juice for a hot summer day!  So take an extra 15 minutes this week to prepare a local favorite for your family.


Events scheduled for Friday at the Market:

            3:00 Buttonbox Shadow Puppet Theatre

            3:30 Gayle Craig

            5:30 Blacksmith Demonstration


In addition to rhubarb, the Westminster Farmers Market now offers seasonal favorite vegetables and herbs including asparagus, carrots, radish, specialty greens (lettuce mixes, spinach, chard, cress, dandelion greens, and kale) and herbs (spring garlic, chives and cilantro).


Regional gourmet specialty foods including locally raised grass-fed beef, pastured pork, farm-fresh eggs, award-winning goat and cow cheeses, a wide variety of artisan breads, jams and jellies, spice mixes, delicious desserts and pastries, pies and cookies.


In your tour through the market, you can also find potted plants, raspberry bushes, seedlings, perennials, shrubs and treats for your dog along with gift and craft items including beautiful cutting boards, hand-painted mailboxes, bird houses, jewelry and household items.


Come meet your local food producers and purchase the highest quality award winning foods available anywhere.  You can drive to your not-so-local farm fresh superstore and read a poster about your farm raised foods, or you can enjoy the short ride to Academy Hill in Westminster and find out about our local specialties by asking the people that produce them!


The market will run from 3:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Fridays.


For more information visit www.WestminsterFarmersMarket.com





If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with the Agricultural Commission or the Market Manager, please email at Hertel@MapleHeightsFarm.com

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Fogged In

   The fog was thick at The Town Common on Academy Hill in Westminster Friday afternoon. In spite of the weather, we had a good turn-out by both vendors and customers at the first market of the season yesterday. People were pleased that Ann Patsis is back with her breads and jams. Ann also has mail boxes for sale, that she has toll-painted. A new vendor was there; Bob’s Red House Farm, from Winchendon,  along with our veteran members. As the season progresses we have several other new grower/members that plan on attending.

   On The Gazebo, Joe Reidy appeared at 3 p.m. and Keith McLinden at 5 p.m. They sounded great.Their performances were enhanced by our new audio system. Sue and Steve Nickerson did a great job shopping for, and picking out the new sound system for us. Thank you, Sue and Steve.


Open for The Serason

This appeared in The "Fitchburg Sentinel" yesterday:
Concert at Westminster gazebo Friday

WESTMINSTER -- The Westminster Farmers Market and the Westminster Cultural Council present Joe Reidy appearing at 3 p.m. and Keith McLinden at 5 p.m. at the gazebo on Academy Hill on Friday.

Reidy plays contemporary blues/jazz/rock that makes for a unique sound and enjoyable listening. McLinden sings folk/rock classics and contemporary songs to his own accompaniment on acoustic guitar.

Westminster Farmers Market entertainment is supported in part by a grant from the Westminster Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency


A Message to Our Vendors

Here is a message from our Chair, M.L. Altobelli, to the venders, of The Westminster Farmers' Market:

Hello and Welcome to the 2012 season at the Westminster Farmers’ Market!

Opening day:

  • This coming Friday, May 4th, 3:00pm ? 6:30pm
  • Set up from 2:00pm on
  • Market opens with the singing of the national anthem by Ann Patsis at 3:00pm

I know you know these next details
? but...

  • If you are selling baked goods ? we need to have a copy of your current Board of Health approved kitchen permit attached to your paperwork in our files.
  • If you are selling meat ? you need a Food Safety Inspection certificate and your meat must have USDA labeling on it.
  • Keep frozen items frozen and cold items cold ? check with a thermometer ? our Board of Health will be!
  • Household scales are not permitted ? any scale used must have a seal by an official state Sealer of Weights and Measures.

And a last note...
The Westminster farmer

 Market is certified to accept coupons from the Farmer's Market Coupon Program,? we do not have an EBT machine.

If you have any questions
? let me know.

s to a great year for all of us.....See you there!

M.L. Altobelli
Westminster Agricultural Commission -chair

  I would like to add that you cannot set-up to sell, until your application has been approved by The Jury Committe. If you have not sent in your application yet, please do so ASAP.

  Our mail address is:

Town Hall

11 South St.

Westminster MA 01473

  Our email is forwarded to us through the "Local Harvest" email function on the listing page.



Friends of Westminster Farmers

You Can Help Your Town's Farmers’ Market,

 Join the Friends  


A new group has been formed by Patty Hurd and Karen Sargent; “Friends of Westminster Farmers”. They will endeavor to form a cohesive group of volunteers, that will foster community awareness, and assist in promotion, of agriculture in Westminster (including The Westminster Farmers’ Market).

  They have a Facebook page at:


This is sure to be a dynamic group. If you would like to get in on the ground floor, contact either Patty or Karen.

You can email Patty. She gets email at AOL. Her handle is HURDEST.


Parade Reports

Report of the Westminster 250th Parade from the Worcester Telegram


Report from the Fitchburg Sentinel is here:


 I will post photos of the Westminster AgCom floats and tractor fleet later.


Don't Rain on Our Parade-Please

  Today is the big parade celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Westminster Massachusetts. The parade has three divisions, with over one hundred groups participating. Our Agricultural Commission has three floats, seven tractors (with implements), and a half dozen marchers.

  The first float is The Mass Local Food Coop. Their theme is "from our farms to your fork". It is a dollhouse sized barn with farm animals and equipment. This scene is decorated with plants and trees. It is on my 1950 Chevy one ton platform dump truck. This truck was purchased new by my grandfather Hjalmer Johnson in 1950. It was used for years on our farm, hauling shavings, live poultry, eggs, and manure (not all at the same time). This will be the third anniversary parade this truck has been in. A youth group staged a sock hop on it in 1959, for The Town's 200th Anniversary Parade. My farm  (Johnson & Sons Poultry Farm, Inc.)  used it as our float in 1984, for the 225th Anniversary Parade.

  The next float is our farmers' market reenactment. Marsha Foster and Cathy Magane will be riding this float that is a mock up of our Westminster Farmers' Market. It is full of colorful produce; white and brown eggs, pumpkins, gourds, red potatoes, corn shocks, butternut squash, summer squash, acorn squash, zucchini, etc. all displayed on bales of hay and a table under a market umbrella.

  The last float has some of our most frequent market performers. Sue Nickerson will be playing her fiddle, accompanied by her husband Steve, on Guitar. As the music plays, Lauren Denen will be step dancing.

  The tractors will be between floats. The walkers will be carrying a banner out front; "Westminster Agricultural Commission". Other walkers will be handing out fliers for the pumpkinfest, with Mass Local Food Coop and a free raffle ticket ( for food baskets) on the reverse side.

  As you can see we have all put a lot of time and effort into this event. The weather was near perfect yesterday when we assembled the floats. All the floats were either parked under cover or covered with tarps. It is raining now as I write this.

  The weather forecast calls for 100% chance of rain, up to 3/4" total rainfall today. Possible thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon between 2 PM and 5PM. The parade starts at 1PM. We are the 15th group in the 3rd division. By the time we march it will probably be near 3:00.

  Please say a prayer that the weather is not too severe for the marchers or spectators.



Photos of The Westminster, Massachusetts Farmer's Market

 M.L. Altobelli took these photos at our farmers market on Friday 08-07-09. It was taken just as the vendors finished setting up, hence, not many customers.

 I need to learn how to down load more than one jpg file to a blog page. Sorry they are spread over a couple of entries.


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More Photos

Another view of the north side of the market.[Read More]

Photos of Westminster Farmer's Market

Another photo from M.L.

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Photos of The Westminster MA Farmer's Market

 M.L. Altobelli took these photos at our farmers market on Friday 08-07-09. It was taken just as the vendors finished setting up, hence, not many customers.[Read More]

See You in The Sunday Paper and on TV too!

 Thank you to Emily Devlin of The Sentinel for writing a very nice piece on The Westminster Farmer's Market. This should really help in the promotion of our market. It's grown so much already this year!

 Here is a quote from Emily and the link to the article:

"In its second year of operation, the Farmers Market has tripled in size, growing from just five or six vendors during its first season in 2008, to at least 24 each week this year."


 Keith Harding of the local cable access TV station, channel 8, was in attendance at the market on Friday. He was there with a camera person doing interviews with venders and consumers for most of the afternoon. He even got footage of an impromptu step dance done by a little girl. This girl danced as Sue Nickerson played fiddle and her husband Steve, accompanied on guitar. Next week the girl's mother will be bringing the whole group of step dancers to perform at 5PM.

 Westminster Farmer's Market; "Be there or be square."

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