Iverson Family Farm

  (Oconto Falls, Wisconsin)
Garden is Winterized
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Lambs and Ewes for Sale

We have 20 lambs and 12 ewes for sale.  You can purchase them as a package or separate.  Prices range: Lambs $40 to $200 and Ewes from $150 to $300.00   We have two rams for sale with excellent genetics.  We are selling the ram lambs for $200.00 a piece.

Last lamb born on April 25th during the wind and rain storm.   She is doing well. 


Asparagus and Herbs Ready

We have some items starting our harvest about a month early!  Spinach, turnips, radishes, onions, lettuce and peas are up.  Mr. Kamke tilled the garden and we are continuing to plant and have even had to do some early weeding.  It is dry so pray for some rain.




Spring Sign Up Has Started

We are have 10 memberships this year and have 3 members signed up.  We have planted 11 rows of potatoes, peas, radishes, lettuce, spinach, parsley, onions and some others.  Some herbs are ready, some leek made it through the mild winter, and strawberries.  Tillage is underway and spring clean up.   We had 35 lambs so we have market feeder lambs and breeding stock for sale.  

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