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Is it winter yet?

Wow! This month we've seen 50 plus degree days! Makes me wonder what the bug situation will be come this spring. Like a lot of you growers, I've already gotten more than 20 seed catalogs and my seeds are arriving daily. I'm excited about the upcoming year in spite of the weird weather!

I know there are so many hungry people around and I'm committed to supplying as much food to our local food banks as we can. Last year we donated over 2000 pounds of fresh produce and eggs(thanks to our neighbors, the Arbuckles) and plan on continuing this as part of our mission.

I've started a little co-op of growers to meet the demand we had last year and literally spread our risk around the area by not planting everything in one location. We've all committed to growing naturally and donating 20 percent of what we grow.

It looks like we'll have 3 farm stands in the area (LaPlata and Kirksville), as well as the two farmer's markets we've been at in the past. I started hauling fresh produce to a large produce stand in St. Louis last year and hope to do the same. Why would we do this you ask? Well, retaining local, commercial customers has been a challenge. The competition has been stiff with local growers all competing for a limited amount of outlets.

We'll see what happens this year!


Thank goodness!

Whew! Best start in four years due to timing of the rain this year. It's wet but we are picking some things now. See the market list on the home page for more information. We've had a couple of really strong storms in last two weeks but so far the veggies have held up well. 

We did get a new puppy who decided that learning not to sit on the plants was no fun, so she took it upon herself to pull all the row tags! Now we call her "McEvil!"


Man o man o man

what a mess! This spring is starting to look like last spring, wet and cold! Not good! Luckily, I hadn't transferred many of the new plants from the garage to the garden before it went to 32 degrees in May! Three rather strong storms in the last week. Lost the yellow squash and basil. They were covered by 60 mph winds have a way of re-arranging that deal. So, majority of time has been spent mulching, composting and getting on slick roofs to re-nail blown up tin.

That said, we'll be ok. We have a big variety of stuff going in this year. I look forward to gettin' dirty!


Ahhhh, springtime!

Spring 2010 reports!

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WHOA! Sweet corn is in!

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Rained on the 4th, beautiful on the 5th...

We had a great 4th, despite the rain. It did clear enough to shoot a ton of fireworks!

Started harvesting basil, about 6 lbs. If you are looking, email me. Tomatos look great! We should start seeing some ready in next two weeks. I'll keep in touch!


Damn I'm sore!

I have killing myself getting stuff in between rain and more rain. Not easy this year, but I'm happy to tell you, most everything is up and going strong! Friends, we are talking LOTS of tomatoes, all types and sizes this year. Hope your hungry! Strawberries are in, small to medium, great tasting! Going to move them out of the raised bed in the main garden. Pulling up radishes now. Gave up on getting the spinach, lettuce, etc. Went to Amish sale on Saturday and came home with about 200 plants, mostly flowers. $2.00 a flat, couldn't resist....Got a really cool watering tank hooked up, well almost, needs more staking so a storm doesn't rip the collector off the top. Will upload picture soon as I can get to that. 

 Wanting to have the place ready for 4th of July. Always a big deal here. Well, wouldn't be my deal if I didn't give you a story. Actually have two, but one is kind of, well, different but the other one, it's all me. Painted and tightened up the old smoker today. Cleaned, steel-brushed, then got out that special spray paint for grills, etc. Telling you I'm sensitive to spray enamel would be an understatement. How about zero to buzzed to headache in under a minute! Take that fact and add basically spraying into a closed barrel was not too smart. So, I decide to do the cleaned grills and charcoal grilles hanging on hooks in garage. Well, I'm so proud, spraying away, turning to get edges with one hand and as always, in a nano-second, I've painted about half my hand including full thumbnail treatment. Dragged out rag and paint thinner only to find that stuff comes off eveything but the fingernail. Binds to those like a champ! So, today and for the forceable future, I'm all about Goth! Peace!


Got the fever!

Update time!

As you can see from teh last postihng date, a lot of time has passed. So this isn't another one of those very dated blogs, sites, whatever...I'm finally getting around to letting you know we are optimistic for this year's crop. Yes, there has been too much rain, but amazingly we are planting. Yes, it's late and I have nothing in the way of early produce(lettuce, etc.) but we have managed to get plenty of other items in, so keep checking back and I'll try to keep this updated.


All for naught

I'm not new to computers but this is my first "blog" experience. Since we are really gettin goin on the farm right now, I thought I would share an experience none of you have had (yeahrightsure).

A couple of years ago I read a really cool article in a magazine on Biointensive gardening. I'm not advertising this method, just suggesting that unlike anyone else I react to "cool articles" never knowing how much work is involved, how much the cost is (my wife can tell you to the penny times ten), or if it works or not. But I did it anyway. For the smart people, Biointensive means work, period. It took me eight hours to "double-dig" (dd) just one 4' by 10' bed! There are grids and instructions and this and that, but I tried to be true with the one bed and plant as instructed. Let me file the experience under "oh well, my back is broken now and that was sure a great tomato!"

That's right, one tomato. We had more rain last year than ever before. So, I liked the idea so much I decided to do the whole plot in "dd" beds this year. So far, I finished two beds, 4' x 25', after breaking frozen ground with one big ash plow and the JD tractor. I was standing pretty proud, then the rain came today. That's right, rain and t-storms on February 25th! I'll let you know if we are starting the digging all over again soon.....

In the meantime, if anyone needs the remnants of my experimentation with square foot gardening (all due respect Mr. Bartholomew, again, not an ad, just my experience) email me. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you, sometimes the best way for me to put the past in the past is burn it. So, I did.

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