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Ahhhh, springtime!

Hello all - sorry for long delay in posting but it was a lonnnng winter! Finally getting serious about this year's plan. Lettuce and radishes are in with more soon to follow. Garlic looks good, already a few inches tall. Several varieties this year.

We are putting in three new beds this year for more beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes. The plan is to start conditioning a new half acre patch using full circle bio-intensive planning. Hard work but worth the effort to give maximum attention to our top asset, the soil. It feels funny trending away from my own grandfather's and current row crop lessor's methods of yesterday/today but change is necessary to preserve and protect what will feed us while naturally amending the soil.

Well, folks, on the business front, the tax lady tells me I have to actually start showin some profit or I'll be called a "hobby farmer".....blah, blah, blah, so if you're interested in getting your nutritional needs exceeded for a more than fair price, contact me via email. In the future I hope to tell you how we started to feed our schools.

Until I write again......


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