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Damn I'm sore!

I have killing myself getting stuff in between rain and more rain. Not easy this year, but I'm happy to tell you, most everything is up and going strong! Friends, we are talking LOTS of tomatoes, all types and sizes this year. Hope your hungry! Strawberries are in, small to medium, great tasting! Going to move them out of the raised bed in the main garden. Pulling up radishes now. Gave up on getting the spinach, lettuce, etc. Went to Amish sale on Saturday and came home with about 200 plants, mostly flowers. $2.00 a flat, couldn't resist....Got a really cool watering tank hooked up, well almost, needs more staking so a storm doesn't rip the collector off the top. Will upload picture soon as I can get to that. 

 Wanting to have the place ready for 4th of July. Always a big deal here. Well, wouldn't be my deal if I didn't give you a story. Actually have two, but one is kind of, well, different but the other one, it's all me. Painted and tightened up the old smoker today. Cleaned, steel-brushed, then got out that special spray paint for grills, etc. Telling you I'm sensitive to spray enamel would be an understatement. How about zero to buzzed to headache in under a minute! Take that fact and add basically spraying into a closed barrel was not too smart. So, I decide to do the cleaned grills and charcoal grilles hanging on hooks in garage. Well, I'm so proud, spraying away, turning to get edges with one hand and as always, in a nano-second, I've painted about half my hand including full thumbnail treatment. Dragged out rag and paint thinner only to find that stuff comes off eveything but the fingernail. Binds to those like a champ! So, today and for the forceable future, I'm all about Goth! Peace!

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