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WHOA! Sweet corn is in!

Hello world! It's Friday afternoon and we haven't had rain in a week. Weird weather, very cool too. Tomatoes hate it! Sweet corn is coming in now. Peaches and Cream(bi-color) now, Ambrosia to follow. Picked 30 lbs. of beans this week, several lbs of basil, snap peas, okra. I really like the Bat Guano that I've used for fertilizer this year. Doesn't seem to burn the plants, no matter how much you use. Don't worry, I use it sparingly, cup or so per plant every two weeks until fruit or veggie sets. Now, keeping those bats penned up has been a challenge!

 Well, first foray into retail tomorrow. We've got a location secured in the bustling town of LaPlata, MO and will be taking in a variety of stuff for sale. Wish us luck! Lil' Beebs Produce coming to a store near you soon! We like to keep a sense of humor about all this, because if we didn't, the work would kill us! So, in true corporate fashion I want to add Lil' Beebs Produce, a division of Flyng Pig Enterprises at Sunrise Farm! Take that Con-Agra, ADM and all you corporate behemoths trying to kill us......daily! We only grow and sell the good stuff. Sheeeeiiiiii.......


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