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Avocado Lychee Honey Back in Stock!!!

At long last, we have Avocado Lychee honey back in stock! We wait all year for this moment! This year's Avocado Lychee honey has a little bit of Longan in there as well. (For those who don't know, Longan's are a lot like Lychees, although the trees fruit more readily here in South Florida.)

This year's batch is a nice, full-bodied dark honey, although it's not nearly as dark as last year's.

It's syrupy and wonderful, and I love to keep a honey bear right next to my computer and give it a squeeze every so often, for an energy burst, instead of coffee!!!

There are a lot of you out there on the waiting list, patiently, expectantly hoping for this honey. Your wait is over!!! But get it while you can, it's in short supply!!!!!! 

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