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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Well, we're gearing up for our beekeeping battle with Miami-Dade County. We have a hearing next week. Why? Because Dade County says that we can only have 5 beehives on our property, but the State of Florida says we can have 15. A new State law was passed in July, 2012 which supersedes local county/municipal laws. The attorneys for the State of Florida have told the attorneys for our county over and over again that they have no jurisdiction in this matter. No authority whatsoever in the placement of beehives. The bees are battling for their lives at the moment and the world watches and hopes they will prevail and preserve our food supply, which is so honeybee dependent. The government recognizes that beekeeping is essential to keep our crops pollinated and keep us all fed….and have enacted laws to protect them.

But……the county being, well, the county……they just don't seem ready to acknowledge that laws passed by the Governor are somehow meant to be heeded.

And so, on January 29th, we will stand before them, to either be granted the state given right to have 15 hives, or to pay a $500 fine for having done so.

Will keep you posted! Meanwhile, I'm bottling Tropical Wildflower honey like crazy…. 

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