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Honey for Spring Holidays!

I love Spring! The bees are buzzing, pollinating all of the fruits I love best, and it's also smack in the middle of one of the most bountiful honeyflows of the year. Right now we have a new medium amber Tropical Wildflower, and we just got our first harvest of Orange Blossom! We wait all year for that. So we're bottling like crazy. if you need some honey for Easter or Passover, we've got raw honey all ready for you. I like the Wildflower for baking, and sneaking into sauces like barbecue sauce or just about any sauce, frankly. And the Orange Blossom is a bit thicker. I put it over my yogurt, in delicately flavored herb teas, and in my salad dressings. I'll drizzle it over just about anything, quite frankly….

Oh, and when I make ham for Easter, I'll do the whole clove studded thing, and often mix honey, orange juice and mustard to rub over the whole ham. Makes a yummy glaze. (Can hardly wait!) 

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