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Another Component of Colony Collapse Disorder.....Toxic Honeycombs

There are many theories circulating regarding Colony Collapse Disorder. When Steve and I were talking the other day, the subject came up again. WHY are millions of bees missing in action? 

Pesticide use is often cited as a primary cause. Bees are notoriously sensitive to pesticides. Some speculate that a chemical component is messing with the bees internal GPS and they are not being able to find their way home.

Some blame cell phones.

And here's another, rather sensible, theory. After continued exposure to pollutants and chemicals in the environment, the residues build up over time in the honeycombs themselves....the very structure where babies, nectar and pollen are stored become unfit to live in.

At a certain point of honeycomb toxicity, the bees decide, en masse, to evacuate and try their luck in another location. In places like Florida, where I live, this is not a bad move....there is almost always a tree, garbage can, or home where they can set up housekeeping and start again. In northern climes they fare not so well.....they'll abandon their hive and look for a new place to call home, but if the season is wrong, or local nectar is not available at that time, they will quickly perish.

Might it be prudent to change out the honeycombs more often and give the bees fresh new foundation to extrude new combs? Only time will tell... 

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