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Baking? Sweeten Up Your Holidays with Tropical Wildflower Honey...

I'm so looking forward to my annual holiday baking this coming week. And yes, I'll be using plenty of honey. Right now we've got a fresh batch of Tropical Wildflower, which is going to find its way into lots of our goodies.

So if YOU are about to embark on your holiday baking, feel free to stop by and pick up some honey. Of course, you have to call first so we can arrange a pickup time. But we'll be busy in the kitchen, and around a lot of the time.

Remember, if you bake with honey, you want to lower the temperature of your oven by 25 degrees, because baked goods made with honey brown faster than those made with sugar. They also stay moist longer. 

Honey is about 25% sweeter than sugar, due to its fructose content. So if you are replacing sugar in a recipe with honey, use a little bit less honey than the amount of sugar specified.

Have fun, and happy baking…. 

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