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Blast from the Past...The Ice Age, That Is!

Snow? Did somebody say "snow" ? I didn't see any, but the news reported that right in my neighborhood a few flurries fell yesterday. First time since 1977. Wish some fell on me.....I LOVE snow....

It's positively frosty this morning. I woke up before seven and ran out to turn the sprinkler on in the vegetable garden. The collards will be fine, but I want to save those cherry tomatoes!

I hurriedly picked three grapefruits and a lime, hoping to save them before those juicy little sacs inside froze and ruptured. I thanked the trees, as always, for their efforts, and then ran to the front to check on the flowers. Our impatiens have been glorious this season, but they weren't looking too happy. I watered the three beds and spoke kindly to them, hoping for the best. As I stood there watering, in my jammies and socks, I felt an unfamiliar sensation in my feet and hands. They were so cold they were...burning??? Wow!

Wind chill placed the temperature somewhere in the 20's early this morning. The magic number for the citrus is 28 degrees....which is apparently when the damage takes place, and the more hours spent at that temperature or below, the worse the damage will be.  

On the news, they were suggesting that you run out and buy orange juice before the price skyrockets.....

Here in Miami we don't have much in the way of commercial citrus groves...that's more up in the Central part of the state...I can't even imagine the effort and anxiety that's going on up there this weekend.  

Meanwhile, it's time to make something cozy; cocoa, hot tea, something. And I expect that my several million buzzing sisters won't be flying today. They'll be cuddling up and cleaning house and hive, waiting for later this week when nectar collecting will be an attractive option once more...

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