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We got a call last week from a producer at Univision, asking if they could come out for a visit with our honeybees. And so, on Thursday the crew arrived. We spent 3 hours shooting and demonstrating what we like to do best. First, I would like to thank Ian of Gardens of Ian for handling the hot, heavy work of lighting that smoker and getting into the bees. We went through a couple of hives, and the cameraman got great footage of the girls in action on the honeycombs. Then Ian took out one super of honey, and we brought that back to the patio. Plugged in our electric knife, uncapped the combs, and extracted 40 lbs. of Tropical Wildflower (which, by the way, was delicious!)

After that, we went on to affiliated activities.....We rolled up some honeycomb candles and then I made them some honey cinnamon oatmeal soap. And a good time was had by all.

This is going to be edited into a two minute feature on a cooking show, which is supposed to air in two weeks. I'll keep you posted when I get more detailed information about when and where the segment will air...

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