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Farmers Markets Are Changing My Life!

Halfway between an organic circus and Woodstock, farmers markets are changing my life. The people, their energy, and all of this whole food are nourishing me in ways beyond my original expectation that this would be a decent venue for selling honey.

At FIU there's a free yoga class on the grass in front of my booth. Smoothies, veggie sushi and the whole university setting is relaxing and stimulating. And when I say I see people jumping through hoops, I'm not kidding.....They're using these for exercise, I guess, hoola hoop style, but then they roll them across the lawn and members of our farmers market take a running leap and dive through the rolling hoops. Not a bad backdrop for sharing samples of raw, local honey.

The Coconut Grove farmers market, where I am now all day on Saturdays, is a multicultural potpourri of tastes and smells. I've got wheatgrass on my right, old world soups on my left, and the wonderful Muslim woman from Indonesia who keeps feeding me. The children of the vendors do gymnastics in the dust of our wooded corner lot, and write the name of our products with sticks in the dirt in front of our booths. There's the "Salad Girl" who's about to give birth to, I think, her eighth baby.....while her other children keep me company, singing and playing with my iPhone and doing handsprings while I watch.  

Yesterday, two new guys from NY came to demonstrate their Thai deep tissue massage. With their feet!  When finished with my booth I happily laid down on the mat and let them walk all over me.... I feel great.

And so, I leave each days work with a little cash, and a heart full of love for my newfound gypsy tribe. I am well nourished, and the visitors to our market are nourished and nourishing as well.

 If you want to "share the love" check out the Coconut Grove Farmers Market on Grand Ave. (Miami, FL). It's open Saturdays from 10-7. Full details can be found at: http://www.glaserorganicfarms.com/market.html 

See you there! 

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