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Hitting the Bottle!

It's that time again! Steve came back from the Florida Keys with my favorite honey of the year. We call it "Butterbee Pancake Honey" because it flows so easily. I think many honeys are too thick for pancakes, but this one really is perfect.

I don't know what makes it taste so unique. It's primary floral sources are Dogwood and Black Mangrove. But there are so many other yummy tropical flowers in the Keys it's hard to know for sure who all of the players are that contribute their essence to this combo.

It was a rainy Spring, which helps make the honey more liquid. As a matter of fact, I'm going to keep it in the house, in air conditioning, to thicken it up a bit to prevent fermentation.....something "wet" honeys can do more quickly than thicker ones like Orange Blossom.

As for me? I'm hitting the bottle again! It's only 10 AM and I sit cheerily by my computer, honey jar by my side. I've probably drunk 5 oz. of it already. Goes down so smooth. I may sprout wings by the end of the day!


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