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It's All in The Blossoms! Orange Blossom, That Is...

Spring has Sprung! And the Oranges have blossomed!!! We wait all year for this! The first of the orange blossom honey is IN and today I am spending the day bottling it up. Orange blossom is a premiere honey, and there are many who prefer it to all others. That zippy citrus mellowed by the smooth sweetness makes it a favorite.

We don't have orange groves here in Miami, but Steve keeps several hundred hives in various groves upstate. On Monday morning he got up at 4:00 AM (not at all unusual for him), got in his truck and drove a couple of hours north to harvest the beginning of this year's crop.

I met him at the "honey house" at about 6:00 PM. Weary and exhilarated, he tipped the drum of fresh honey into as many buckets as my little red Jeep would hold.

His truck was still full of supers filled with honey, and the air was thick with buzzing bees. It might have been terrifying to some, but the drone of the bees as they flew swiftly by was rather comforting. A celebration, really, that Spring has come at last, and there is nectar and honey for all! 

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