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Key Lime, It's Sublime!

As I sit here at the computer, just outside my window is a hungry blue jay, wondering why my bird feeder is empty and soggy. We just finished a record breaking five days of rain, which rarely happens in our locale except maybe in August as a tropical storm. Spring is usually dry as a bone, and we had actually been suffering a bit of a draught.

The honeybees get very unhappy when it rains! They can't fly, so they all sit crowded in the hive and buzz. Feed the babies. Fan their wings at the nectar. Even when there is a small break in the rain, the showers have washed the nectar out of the flowers so they get cranky.

I had a small container of honey mixed with honeycomb. Cappings from my last day of extracting. I took it out to the bees for them to recycle. I'm sure that cheered them up.

Meanwhile, I am pretty cheered up. Not only did it stop raining, but we have a nice spring harvest of Orange Blossom honey. It's so sweet and thick. Nice and smooth. And a very good base for having some fun.

My fiancé is a chef, so he has access to ingredients that we mere mortals never see. He had an awesome, all natural Key Lime flavoring that I think was originally developed to flavor gelato. Anyway, I had been waiting anxiously for months because last year, Rolf took a little of this Key Lime deliciousness and mixed a small amount with some Orange Blossom honey. A marriage made in heaven, that's all I can say!!!

Philosophically, I don't like to do anything to honey. We never heat it, never filter it, never add anything to it.....it's nakedly pure and unprocessed. I do make an exception, however, to allow for an all natural bit of collaboration between the sweet sisters and ourselves, every so often. Like now.

We are the happy lovers of a bucket of Key Lime Sublime. And...we're willing to share. Want a taste? Let me know. You can come visit the bees while you're at it. Or just come say hi at the Coconut Grove Market on Saturdays. We'll give you a spoonful!

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