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Let There Bee Nectar

It had never happened before! We ran out of honey! 

The lovely winter we enjoyed was difficult for the bees. For the first time in forty years, temperatures plummeted near the freezing mark over and over again. Here in Miami this was unheard of! We had our air conditioning off for maybe three months. It was bliss!

However, it took its toll on honey production. On days that dip below 55 degrees, the bees don't fly, but stay cuddled up in the hive in a little ball, keeping their baby brood warm.

What I hadn't known was that when nighttime temperatures fell below 60, the trees and flowers kept their nectar and sap to themselves! You need to have 3 nights in a row where the lowest temperature was Above 60 in order for nectar to flow.

So on balmy days where the temps were above 55, the bees would fly, but the blossoms would be barren of nectar. Dry. Not juicy!

 Pollen, yes!  Nectar, no!

And so they started to consume their stores of honey, while unable to collect nectar to create more. When you would expect a bountiful harvest, the honeycombs were empty!

 At long last, seasonable temperatures have returned. The girls are busy! The aroma of ripening honey is in the air. And we have Tropical Wildflower honey once again. Orange Blossom is soon to follow! 

Let there be nectar! And there was nectar!  


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