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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

They always say necessity is the mother of invention. (Who's the father?) 

This rang true this weekend when we were at a harvest fair in Miami and ran out of our Key Lime Sublime honey. We're really big into all natural honeys....unfiltered, raw, just out of the hive and into the bottle.

However, when a shop asked us several months ago to develop a flavored honey for them with a Key Lime twist, we complied, and the results were so splendid that we allowed it into our product line. Still raw pure honey, of course, with just a smidgeon of an all natural flavor combo to give it a perky zip. Our usual base honey for this is Orange Blossom. Which we had sold out of.

Anyway, so here we are in the midst of madness, the crowd buying like crazy, and sold out we are, by lunchtime.

What to do?

Well, Rolf was bottling up extras for us at home, Tropical Wildflower and the like, and we also had some Butterbee Pancake Honey he was going to bottle up. When he arrived with a grin on his face, he had something new to share....

...He had taken the Butterbee Pancake Honey and Key Lime-d that!! Ohmygosh, it was delicious, and I've been sipping it ever since. The pancake honey is my name for a runny honey fresh from Key Largo. The hives are right off of Card Sound Road, not far from Alabama Jack's. Anyway, the Dogwood and Black Mangrove nectars make a very thin, runny honey with a specific unique flavor. Paired with the Key Lime...well, now we have Key Lime Pancake Honey, and so.....I can't wait for breakfast....

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