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Don't ask me about bees! Unless you have some time....i get really excited about them and will drone on for twenty minutes, at least. Sigh. I try to slow down and take a breath, but no, the listener is going to find out an awful lot before they get an opportunity to escape....

At least I've focused this tendency for the good of the community. Now I do outreach programs and lectures at events, schools, etc. It's a ton of fun... On Tuesday night I trudged up to Fort Lauderdale beach in the pouring rain to do an informal presentation for the South Florida ISES meeting (International Special Events Society).  

I set up a tasting table, so everyone could get the opportunity to experience the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between honey varieties. We had several, including Tropical Wildflower 1 & 2 out for comparison.

That was really satisfying....In my last harvest a couple of weeks ago, I took two supers filled with frames of honeycomb from a single hive. Because the bees start from the bottom box and work upward, the top super was the most recently harvested nectar, and the super below it was from a few weeks before.

So I had two kinds of honey from the same hive, harvested on the same day. One was light and fruity, the other was dark and bold. I figure that's because this hive is right next to my avocado tree, which would have still been flowering when this honey was made.

I also shared my honey soaps, gave everyone an "I Love You Honey" sticker, and then we made honeycomb candles, which are really quick and easy and require no heat. You just roll them up with a wick. A preschooler can do it. (Well, with a little help!)

If you have a group, camp, or organization in need of a speaker, just give me a buzz.... 

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