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The First Honeyflow of the Year! Tropical Wildflower

We just harvested our first honeyflow for 2011. And a Happy New Year it is....60 lbs. of TROPICAL WILDFLOWER honey. It's delicious! All of our honey is RAW....comes out of the hive and into the honey jar....the only "processing" is to strain out the bees who insist on drowning themselves in sweet joy as we harvest the honey.

TROPICAL WILDFLOWER is what I always recommend to customers who suffer from seasonal allergies. Since it contains microscopic bits of pollen from the widest variety of sources it provides the most benefit.

I love it because it's so dynamic....it's flavor, color and viscosity changes throughout the year based on what's in bloom.

Our harvest was a bit smaller than expected, due to cold dry weather. Thankfully we just had a couple of days of rain and so the flowers should be nice and juicy with nectar.

Our bees love that! 

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