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We're At FIU Farmer's Market

FIU is hosting a Farmer's Market on Wednesday afternoons! Last week I was out of town, and so my reluctant FIU student/daughter was commanded to participate in the first market of the season. Well, after a bit of grumbling on her part, she went, honey in hand, ready to see what it was all about.

Not long after, a jubilant student called excitedly, "Mom, I made $50 in an hour and a half!" Boy, was she ever happy! And now....she's telling me...."we need a sign, time to bottle it up, have we got labels?" Nothing like a little success as a motivator.

Anyway, today I popped in for a couple of hours and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wholeheartedly believe in and support the slow food movement, and being around all of these students, with their organic veggies, and vegan muffins, yummy smoothies, and incredible tofu with a peanut sauce, well, it was a lovely day.

Not only that, but the wonderful vendor beside us, who makes soap, had the yummiest White Chocolate body cream. It was all I could do to not nibble on my arms once I sampled it....And at the end of the day I traded him a pound of Tropical Wildflower honey in exchange for some... washberries.

These are a naturally occurring surfactant that you can use instead of laundry detergent. They're little brown things that you break in half and place in a small cotton drawstring bag (which came with the berries). You toss it in the laundry and there you go! Each set of berries is good for 4-5 loads.

Anyway, he was a fascinating young man who's wife just gave birth to their first baby. I urge you to check out his site at www.earthistry.com to learn more about these berries and his soaps.

I'll let you know how my laundry goes....

Meanwhile, I've got to get more honey jars in preparation for next week's market....we're about sold out.... 

Hope to see you there! 

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