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When Honey Crystallizes...

Hi honey! Have you ever had the experience that when you pulled your jar of honey out of the pantry, what you saw was a thick, grainy mass? Most of us have! I hope you didn't mistakenly think your honey was bad and throw it out!! Crystallized honey is just fine, and actually the preference of some folks. 

All honey will crystallize over time. What determines how much time are several factors. One is temperature. If you store your honey in the refrigerator, it will crystallize rather quickly. Another factor is floral source. Certain nectars will lead to honey crystallizing at a faster rate than, say, Orange Blossom, which crystallizes more slowly.  

Honey is composed of many things, including natural sugars. Not sucrose, but glucose and fructose. And in addition to temperature and floral source, the percentage of each of these sugars also contributes to it's tendency to crystallize. Each batch of honey is different, especially wildflower, which is a tasty mix of whatever is blossoming at the time. Nectars vary....chemical composition of the honey varies....tendency to crystallize varies.  It's all good!

What to DO when honey crystallizes? 

Very simple! Take your jar of honey, and place it in a pot of hot water. The burner under the pot should be turned off before you put the honey jar in. If your container is glass, please make sure the jar is not cold from the frig or you might shatter your jar!!! 

Remove the lid, and every ten minutes or so, give it a stir. It won't take long for your honey to liquify.  

Good as new! 


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