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Rain, Rain Go Away!

What's going on around here? Usually October signals the end of our rainy season, with a happy conclusion to Hurricane Season at the end of November. But the last couple of weeks have been marked by unseasonable rains.

Here's why we care: When it rains, it washes the nectar and pollen out of the flowers. Bees don't fly when it's raining, so they're all cooped up and cranky in the hive. When it finally stops, out they go, zooming towards the nearest blossoms. Only thing is....there's no nectar left, nor pollen.

And the timing was right at the height of a major honey flow. Devastating! My beekeeping partner, Steve, was expecting to harvest 100 drums of honey in a couple of weeks, but now is lucky if he gets 30. That's a big difference, at $1000 a drum!!!!!

We have far fewer bees--just thirteen hives, but it impacts us as well!. We DO have honey in stock, no worries, but it would be more bountiful with better weather. So keep your fingers crossed that the rain goes away and sunny days and warm nights resume. We want the honey, honey!!! 


Life's Work

Did you know that in her entire lifetime, working day and night and never sleeping, an individual honeybee makes about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey?

Buckle Your Seatbelt

It takes 55,000 miles of flying to produce ONE POUND of honey! Wish I could cash in on those frequent flyer miles!!

One More Bucket of Avocado Lychee!

Our Avocado Lychee honey doesn't stay in stock for long. Seemed like as soon as we announced we had some in, orders started pouring in from as far away as Thailand!!

Before I knew it, the honey was gone!

The good news is: We've got one more bucket on hand. I'm watching the level ooze down quickly, but at least we've got maybe another two weeks of Avocado Lychee to go before we run out.

For those of you who might not know....the honey does NOT taste either like lychees or avocados. This honey gains its name based upon the blossoms that provided nectar for the honey. It's dark and delicious, robust but not strong.......and tastes like honey, not the fruits that bear it's name.


Avocado Lychee Honey Back in Stock!!!

At long last, we have Avocado Lychee honey back in stock! We wait all year for this moment! This year's Avocado Lychee honey has a little bit of Longan in there as well. (For those who don't know, Longan's are a lot like Lychees, although the trees fruit more readily here in South Florida.)

This year's batch is a nice, full-bodied dark honey, although it's not nearly as dark as last year's.

It's syrupy and wonderful, and I love to keep a honey bear right next to my computer and give it a squeeze every so often, for an energy burst, instead of coffee!!!

There are a lot of you out there on the waiting list, patiently, expectantly hoping for this honey. Your wait is over!!! But get it while you can, it's in short supply!!!!!! 


Avocado Lychee Honey Out of Stock, but the Avocados Are in Bloom...Won't Be Long Now!

Even though we're still experiencing Florida's version of Winter, the avocados are happily blooming, as are the mangos. Which is a good thing: Over he weekend we Sold Out of our popular Avocado Lychee honey. Sorry about that!

The bees are working tirelessly, and we expect to harvest some more Avocado Lychee honey in late Spring.

Meanwhile, we're expecting a fresh honeyflow of Orange Blossom in about two weeks.  

And if you need honey now, you can see us at the FIU Farmer's Market tomorrow from noon - 3:00 PM. 

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