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It's All in The Blossoms! Orange Blossom, That Is...

Spring has Sprung! And the Oranges have blossomed!!! We wait all year for this! The first of the orange blossom honey is IN and today I am spending the day bottling it up. Orange blossom is a premiere honey, and there are many who prefer it to all others. That zippy citrus mellowed by the smooth sweetness makes it a favorite.

We don't have orange groves here in Miami, but Steve keeps several hundred hives in various groves upstate. On Monday morning he got up at 4:00 AM (not at all unusual for him), got in his truck and drove a couple of hours north to harvest the beginning of this year's crop.

I met him at the "honey house" at about 6:00 PM. Weary and exhilarated, he tipped the drum of fresh honey into as many buckets as my little red Jeep would hold.

His truck was still full of supers filled with honey, and the air was thick with buzzing bees. It might have been terrifying to some, but the drone of the bees as they flew swiftly by was rather comforting. A celebration, really, that Spring has come at last, and there is nectar and honey for all! 


Our Honey Is NOW Certified Kosher!

It all happened quite by accident. Literally! One evening in late July my cousin and I were chatting contentedly on the phone. I'd given her some honey, and she wanted to compare it to some of the old honey she had in her cupboard. She took out each jar and read it to me. Clover honey. Orange blossom honey. Kosher honey. KOSHER honey? I'd never really heard of that before. 

The next day, my fiancé Rolf, was badly injured and ended up in the ER in Orlando, some 300 miles away. Needless to say I was worried and concerned. He was really a mess and I was placing frequent calls in to the hospital.

When the phone rang a little later, I quickly answered, awaiting news of Rolf's condition.

"Hello, this is Rabbi Schochet.My heart froze. Ohmygosh. Clergy. They must have run out of priests and now this Rabbi was calling to tell me that Rolf was dead. I think I stopped breathing.


This Rabbi had seen my listing on Local Harvest and was calling to tell me about the benefits of having my honey certified as Kosher.

And so, I figured it was a sign from God! I'd never even heard of Kosher honey and then when I did the next day an unknown Rabbi from Georgia calls me to tell me about it? I'm Protestant. Rolf's a recovering Catholic and German to boot. I figured it was something profound like that quote from Revelation: "The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."

So let's hear it for world peace, Germans, Jews, Protestant, Catholics, and honeybees, circumcised or not. Happy Rosh Hashanah for those who celebrate. May your New Year be sweet.

May the bees in the trees be for the healing of the nations....

Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me....

PS. Rolf is fine... 


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