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Save the Bees Downloadable Honeybee Toolkit

 This morning I received an email with an important article and link to a downloadable Save the Honeybees Toolkit. Thought you might be interested. We need your help!!!! If you like to eat, then saving the bees matters to you!!! Here's the article, and here's the link:



Create a bee haven. Talk to neighbors. Spread the word.

Bees are in trouble. In the U.S., they’ve been dying off at alarming rates since 2006 and beekeepers continue to report staggering annual losses.

Toolkit: Bee the Change

Bee the Change: Tips & Tools for Protecting BeesDownload this toolkit for simple tips and actions to help protect bees from harmful pesticides and keep the pressure on policymakers. Download here»

While policymakers remain resolutely stuck — and have yet to take swift action to address theknown causes of bee die-offs — home gardeners, backyard beekeepers and concerned individuals across the country have been stepping up to protect our favorite pollinators.

This groundswell of support for bees is inspiring and important, but we need to keep building momentum — and we need to press for policy change.

Download the toolkit for simple tips and actions to help protect bees from harmful pesticides and keep the pressure on policymakers.

Whether you create a safe haven in your yard, write a letter to the editor, or chat with your neighbors about the importance of protecting pollinators, your actions will make a difference.


Avocado Lychee Honey Out of Stock, but the Avocados Are in Bloom...Won't Be Long Now!

Even though we're still experiencing Florida's version of Winter, the avocados are happily blooming, as are the mangos. Which is a good thing: Over he weekend we Sold Out of our popular Avocado Lychee honey. Sorry about that!

The bees are working tirelessly, and we expect to harvest some more Avocado Lychee honey in late Spring.

Meanwhile, we're expecting a fresh honeyflow of Orange Blossom in about two weeks.  

And if you need honey now, you can see us at the FIU Farmer's Market tomorrow from noon - 3:00 PM. 

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