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Early May Flooding 2010

May 1st and May 2nd brought in heavy rains and flooding in the area.  Although we had standing water on the property our raised beds drained fairly well.  The cherry bushes were beaten down, but they look like they will bounce back.  The sun is trying to shine today and hopefully that will dry things up a little.  We're thankful that we did not receive major flooding and damage.

Our 150 crowns of asparagus are doing amazingly well for being only 2 years in the ground.  We lightly harvested this year, but the big Jersey Giant stalks keep on coming.  Bugs were a problem at first, but a strong hose spray of cistern water and hand picking have them under control.  The key to the bugs is to get them early before they have much of a chance to mate and the eggs to hatch.

Is it wrong to wish I had planted double the amount of asparagus that I did? :)

Plant something and happy growing.


Grinning Planet Farm

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