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Another snowey day in paradise

 Well is is just another snowy day here in paradise. Snow was so heavy it collapsed the flight netting on the top of the chicken yard. Blah! tried to go in and shake the snow off but only accomplished getting a pile of it down the back of my neck.  the chickens are walking around going, "What to ....." Give it up girls and deal with it," I tell them. I seem to spend a lot of time talking to animals, and unfortunatly in my head I hear them talking back.  I think sometimes I need to get off the farm more. I am going to have to cut the flight netting off. It has been on the top of the pen for the last 3 years and this has never happened before. Oh well first time for everything. I open the gate and let them out. Unfortunatly I cannot at this point reach their feeder so it looks like Jungle Pig, -who is always looking for a food windfall is going to have some luck. I put the mash back in the feed room and get the whole corn. This is what they are going to have for breakfast, -and Jungle Pig is right there to share it with them. 

Jungle Pig is the worlds ugliest pig. She is a little pot belly that showed up at the farm one day in need of a home and I did not have the heart to turn her away. She has made herself at home, designated herself the farm mascot, has never been in a pen, and you couldn't chase her away with a stick. She meanders along after me most of the time as I do chores. 

Well off to see how the newest additions to the farm are doing. I got a wild hair and had to get a pair of emus. I have always wanted emus. Just want to eat one! Not one of these but perhaps one of their off spring if they ever have any. They are a 6 yr old mated pair. I have named them Bernie and Miss Lucy after the people I got them from. I was warned by the previous owners that they would gut me and peck my eyes out. So far so good I have not been eviserated nor do I wear an eye patch. They seem to relish the snow. Silly birds. Look like Jim Hensen designed them. They do make me smile as they come galumping across the field at feeding time. They also like to follow me around. The female was standoffish at first but now she also likes to see what I am doing. They are much too curious for their own good. Having to poke their noses into everything that is going on around them. 

Now to see if the tractor will start she is an old girl and fussy about the cold. Had to replace the key switch last week. Got that fixed and now I have to see if she will start. Need to put some more round bales out for the sheep and horses. First chance I have had because of the free range turkey frenzy. Damn I had no idea they would be so popular this year. Last year I had left over turkeys, this year I had a cancellation waiting list of at least 30 people. I am definatly going to increase the turkey production for next year.  I have kept back several hen turkeys and a few toms. I got a brand new fancy incubator and will be hatching my own turkey poults, they seem to have a much higher survival rate if they hatch here at the farm. Did a test run this fall put in 6 eggs just for the hell of it, hatched 6 poults and they are now half grown and everyone has survived. They are royal palms also have a couple of blue slates that I bought from a friend and I think I am getting some half grown bourbon red hens. My turkey poult enterprize is off to a good start.

Well have to run and put out the round bales now that I have warmed up. Then start our own thanksgiving cooking extravaganza.

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