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Poulet Rouge Broiler Update - 2

The first batch is now 9 weeks old. I weighed four of them today as the suspense was killing me. 1@4lbs - 2@5lbs - 1@6lbs, Keep in mind that was on a cheapo scale, but I did calibrate it with a 10 lb weight before I weighed them so they should be pretty close numbers. They are growing good. No problems to speak of since last posts. This time I did take some pictures of them next to a 5 gallon waterer so you can judge the size of them. They are right on target with their feed intake. I was thinking they were going to be higher, but after the weigh ins this morning, it explains it all. And that was the biggest I seen the mediums and the smallest I seen, to give an average number.

  Last week I also moved the 2nd batch outside into their new home at 4 weeks old. I have them on a move schedule of every 4 weeks as this is when I get my new orders so everything works out excellent. oldest ones get processed, next to the oldest just get fed,the next get moved out side and the new ones start their new life.

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