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Pig Moving Day

Today was the day to get the pigs moved to their new pen, as they are done in their first pen. The new one is a little bit bigger with more brush. I guess you can say we are really putting them to the test now. LOL First I strung the new polytape on the poles to get the perimeter of the their pen. Now it was time to move 'em. It's not easy moving a pig if they don't want to go. Max (male) I showed him the food in the dish and raised the polytape up high  and after a little hesitation he went through. Pinky (female) she didn't want to go for nothing.I chased her around the old pen and finally caught her, and had to actually drag and push her as she was screaming bloody murder once I had her on the other side she ran straight to the food dish and everything was okay and it was like nothing ever happened. Their new pen is 40'x40', the old one was 24'x48'. They are already busy at work starting to get it pig clean.







Turkey Day Right Around the Corner

We got all of our Heritage Turkeys back from the butcher and most of them into our customers hands this weekend. Can't wait till Thanksgiving Day - Food,Family & Football. Wednesday night and Thursday morning will be hectic around here as we will be trying to get ready for the holiday feast with food preparations. 


 This weekend was able to fence off another 100' x 175' section for the goats to knock down. They should be done right about the perfect time to plant with grasses and grains for the summer and fall next year. The winter rye is growing good where they where just at so hopefully that will turn out to be a good crop this spring and early summer for the turkeys to be eating. Our native grass around here seems to grow fast and anywhere I clear out seems in a month or two it is thick with new grasses and no seeds where ever spread.



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