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Manure Tea Build Strong Root Systems
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Hydrating Seeds Before Planting

  Hydrating Seeds Before Planting

I am always happy when I hear from growers and gardeners who are brewing and feeding their garden and indoor plant soil Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew. Where I really find pleasure is sharing the true benefits that my 100% natural Soil nutrients bring to the garden.

Carolyn Binder, organic gardener and published garden writer is farming her urban organic garden and documenting it through her blog site at Cowlick Cottage Farms 

Carolyn's most recent share is the planting of her winter Christmas garlic. Chatting on twitter with Carolyn (@cowlickcottage) she mentioned that she was late in getting her garlic seeds planted. I suggested to her to brew a batch of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew and soak her garlic seed for 24 hours prior to planting.

  Carolyn's photo soaking 300 garlic seeds in Moo Poo Tea

Carolyn's garlic sprouting on day 4

Carolyn, states in her blog postI am most excited about my crop of Christmas garlic. It was planted at least a month late, but it is looking fantastic. This is third-generation garlic from our little Cowlick Cottage Farm , grown entirely organically. Prior to planting, I soaked it in Moo Poo Tea overnight, and that gave it the energy to burst with life once planted in our rich soil. For more about the benefits of feeding your garden organically, visit my friend and heritage rancher, Annie Haven.

If you want to get your garden started right this season hydrate your starts, sets, and seeds in Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew   prior to planting like Carolyn has done.

Soaking information:

Size:                           Time:

Small seeds                 1 to 4 hours
Medium seeds            4  to 6 hours
Large seeds               6  to 8 hours

All bulb type seed and bulbs can soak for 24 hours prior to planting.

Use the manure tea that you soaked your seeds in to moisten the soil prior to planting. Continue to brew and feed Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew throughout the growing season for optimal plant growth, it will increase your bloom and vegetable yield naturally.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is hosting a "Pay it Forward" special to help encourage others to grow naturally!

When you place your order of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew you will automatically receive one free manure tea bag with your purchase. All we ask is that you share your free manure tea bag with a family member, friend or neighbor of your choice. Place your order today at  

Manure Tea for Strong Plant Roots

Manure Tea for building strong root base systems naturally is easy to achieve with Authentic Haven Brand premium soil conditioner teas. You can now grow all your indoor and outdoor garden plants naturally, with our Easy to Brew, Easy to Use manure tea there is no smell. You will find Authentic Haven Brand Eco hand packaged manure tea bags user friendly and naturally good for your Container, Patio, Balcony and Home garden soil. You brew Authentic Haven Brand manure tea just like you would "sun tea for yourself".


Place one Authentic Haven Brand manure tea bag in a 1 to 5 gallon container of tap water and allow it to steep for one to three days then dilute one cup manure tea to four cups water and water all your indoor and outdoor plants (use every time you water or four times throughout the growing season).

About Authentic Haven Brand

Authentic Haven Brand premium soil conditioner is pure manure (cow or horse) harvested from Haven raised Livestock only! Haven Livestock are raised naturally on grass pastures, Free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides. You can't grow wrong when you grow Green with Authentic Haven Brand, premium soil conditioner "Manure Teas"

Authentic Haven Brand is your "Brew it Fresh" Green garden product your plants root systems will love. We look forward to you growing Green with us 

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