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Got about 5 inches of very wet snow yesterday.  Had to drive home from work in it but it had stopped snowing and the roads were ok by that time.  It was beautiful out this morning with the sunrise and the blue sky.  Cold out though and things were frozen on the farm but not the water thank God!  I have tank and bucket heaters so no breaking ice!!  It is a work saver.  Animals have fresh water all the time and don't have to drink ice cold water.  Sun is out and it's warming up. Time to go out for chores!!


New seedlings started.  Can't believe they are actually spouting with it being as cold as it is!  They are inside but not in direct sunlight and in a plastic greenhouse/seed starter.  Cool!!  I have not had much luck with starting plants from seed, so this is a first for me. 

Next project is to build a cold frame and maybe I can have greens year-round.  I am a beginner after all and am excited about all of this.  I planted romaine lettuce and spinach since they are cold tolerent.  Will be starting more kinds of plants soon.

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