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Don't Toss It......It's Full Of Nitrogen!

Jessica Morgan, M.H.

Making and using compost is not only a life-changing experience, but it is the world's best soil conditioner. I use my spent tea leaves as compost for my house plants; cactus, succulents, and herbs, plus I toss them in the garden. Tea leaves are full of Nitrogen, which is always needed for the healthy growth in plants. Its been known that by putting them in the soil that it helps with color development in flowers too, especially in red varieties.

I throw all my spent leaves either in the compost bin or directly on the garden as mulch. Both are very beneficial.

Using tea compost on your garden means:

    * You’ll spend less time weeding and watering your garden

    * You’ll need to use less artificial fertilizer in your garden

    * Your soil will be healthier, so you’ll grow healthier plants

    * You’ll save time and money

    * You’ll be keeping green waste out of landfill


All Morgan Botanicals loose-leaf teas, baths and soaks are compostable, it’s even on the labels! Look for Morgan Botanicals herbal products here at Local Harvest. So next time you buy tea, whether loose leaf or in tea bags, don’t forget to toss it in the garden. Does any one use their brewed leaves for anything interesting? I would love to hear your comments.

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